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1954 Featured Jeeps

A CJ-3B Named Spud -- Barry Ogletree's '54 in Texas, Parts 1 & 2

Hurricane with a Silver Lining -- Thovar Lemos tunes a '54 in Brazil

Sky Soldier Clones Vietnam Jeep -- Johnnie Peoples in Texas restores a '54

Field and Stream -- JR Bass and his family '54 in Oregon

Universal Farming in Ohio -- John Ittel's '54

Jeep for Work and Play -- Steve D Martin's '54

No Spring Chicken -- Ed Wilson's '54

Flat Fender Restoration -- Clint Rushton's '54 is a YouTube star

Willys on the Farm in Colombia -- Sergio Arango's '54

Improving the Repli-Tub -- Frank Porfidio's '54

Road Warrior -- Khyl Powell's '54

Gold Mine Jeep -- John McClenathen's '54 in California

High Hood on the High Plains -- Marcelo Fleury's hot '54 in Brazil

Mountain Climber -- Jerad's '54 in Colorado

Hubbard's Halfcabs 1954 CJ-3B -- Parts 1 & 2 by John Hubbard

Rotterdam Police Jeep -- Erik van de Peppel's '54

Hurricane on the Trails -- Doug Wilson's '54

Restoration of a 1954 CJ-3B -- Parts 1-4 by Jack Ahlberg in Georgia

1954 "Military Police" Restoration -- belongs to Bernie Kenney in New York

1954 CJ-3B Restoration Project Begins -- Clint Spaar in New Hampshire

Customized '54 -- unique yellow show Jeep

1954 CJ-3B with Koenig Winch -- Bob Smith's former Esso station Jeep

Enhancing F-head Performance at High Altitude -- Joel Kamunen's '54

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