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Barry Ogletree

Barry and his wife Karen sold their company which had built hundreds of custom Jeeps, and retired to Lufkin, Texas -- to build custom Jeeps. Barry says, "We found this 1954 CJ-3B in Idaho, and we thought it was a good candidate for some updating and restoration. It had been painted with the typical bright red tractor enamel."

See the build, in A CJ-3B Named Spud, Part 1, and Part 2: Spud Goes Green.

See also Another Trophy for Spud.

Johnnie Peoples

Johnnie in Texas remembered the high-hood Jeeps he saw in Vietnam 50 years ago, and decided to recreate one. He says, "The title shows my Jeep to be a '53 but the VIN number 454GB2 17518 indicates it is a '54. I purchased the Jeep here in Granbury, Texas in 2012 from a guy who said he'd had his fun with it, now it's someone else's turn."

See more photos and details in Sky Soldier Clones Vietnam Jeep.

Samuele Gendotti

"My name is Samuele Gendotti (Sam) and I write you from Switzerland. I'm the owner of the Willys CJ-3B serial number 454GB235968. I'm owning it since 2009 -- the Swiss Army sold it in 1977. I restored it by myself. It was a military model but the new color is an Island Green Metallic. I congratulate you for the CJ3B.info website. It is a pleasure to look at the news that regularly comes."

Thanks Sam. It's also a pleasure to look at your nice job on the interior (260K JPEG).

Steven J. Epstein

Steven is in Norwalk, Connecticut. He says, "14,500 original miles, all original, repainted in original Ditzler Gulf Blue Poly #11111 (metallic as in 'American Racing Blue' -- think Cobra, or when Ford kicked Ferrari's butt at LeMans!) I've owned it since 1991 -- kept on private property and never registered. Original wheels and tires, all 4 years older than myself!"

The engine compartment includes the Hy-Lo-Jeep hydraulic pump for the Scheneker snowplow. Steven comments, "Runs like a charm. Carb replaced with duplicate Carter."

See more photos: the original Scheneker tag (270K JPEG) on the snowplow mount, the right side (320K JPEG) with the tailgate and NDT spare, and the interior (260K JPEG).

Mike Davies

"My father owned this 1954 CJ-3B, serial number 454GB2 19950, for 50 years. He bought it used in Bakersfield, California, drove it here for 25 years then moved to Idaho for the next 25 years. It's now mine, back in Bakersfield and running great.

"I don't know the engine number for the original engine, which I rebuilt in high school auto shop in 1969. It was replaced 10 years ago with a Buick 231."

Dick Williams

"We found this '54 CJ-3B about 4 years ago sitting in a yard in North Spokane WA. It had only been licensed once and that was on a ranch in Eastern Montana or Wyoming. We believe the odometer was correct with the original miles being only 69,000. The day we went to get it, it was running and ready to drive home. It looked at the time we picked it up just like a ranch Jeep. Primer paint of a couple of colors, some dents, a number of holes here and there for multiple tops and wiper configurations. It was still 6-volt and single master cylinder for the 9" brakes. Tires and wheels were original Jeep steel wheels with Goodyear Suburbanites mounted on them. Windshield glass was cracked and foggy. I removed the transmission cover to find straw and mud so packed on top of the tranny that it had to be chiseled off.

"The next two winters and a summer we proceeded to make this CJ-3B into our trail driver. 12V electrical was the first item, next was the changing of the brakes to 11" from a donor '70 Wagoneer. With the dual master cylinder from a '85 Cherokee came the pedal assembly and the hydraulic slave and master cylinder for the clutch. We then installed Rancho 2-1/2" springs and shocks. Then came a Power-loc for the rear axle. I designed a roll cage to be installed. The steering has been up-dated to a manual Saginaw box from a '74 Nova with a Chevy tilt column. I have modified the electrical two-speed wipers from a '71 CJ-5 and they are mounted same as the CJ-5. The new seats are from a Chevy Cavalier on custom seat brackets. We found a Husky overdrive and that is now installed on the back of the model 18 transfer case.

"We are running 33 x 12.5 Wild Country tires on aluminum wheels with Superwinch locking hubs. We have done a few more little items to make the high hood trailworthy. We have been Jeepin' in our CJ-3B now for about 3 years and it performs very well, even with the Big Boys' Toys." See also more shots from Moab: a rear view (50K JPEG) and a front view (50K JPEG).

See Dick with three other high hoods at the 2006 PNW Jamboree in Washington, in CJ-3Bs Lined Up for Action. See also photos in northern Idaho during spring thaw 2016, in CJ-3B Owners On the Trails.

Stewart Buchanan

Stewart wrote in 2015, "I have a 1954 3B, serial number 454 GB2 24239. I live in The Dalles, Oregon. My father bought it at a yard sale in the early '90s and when he passed it was left to me. Working on getting it running again after being in storage (190K JPEG) the last 15 years. The current F-134 engine that I'm rebuilding has no engine numbers on it."

JR Bass

OB54 JR is also in Oregon and says, "This was my Grandfather's Jeep and it has not run since 1971. I still have work to do to get it completed but it is roadworthy again. Last month it rolled out of my garage under its own power for the first time in 44 years. I will not be able to paint it until next year but I should have everything else completed by then."

See Field and Stream for more of JR's photos of serial number OB54 10595.

Steve D. Martin

Steve discovered his Jeep at an auto collectors' showroom in Colorado, and it became part of his business, as well as taking his family into the mountains. See his story and photos in Jeep for Work and Play.

See also the Jeep decorated for 4 July 2014 (80K JPEG). Shortly after that, Steve sold this Jeep.

Alan Dillman

Alan is in Regina, Saskatchewan, and says, "Here is my Willys CJ-3B. He's a 1954 s/n 454GB2 22628, with about 20,000 original miles on him. He's a little worse for wear right now as he has been sitting at the farm for the last couple of years, but he's in my garage now and I hope to be able to drive him this summer."

Becky Richardson

Becky Richardson in Billings, Montana sent just one comment about 454GB2 13398, which has original engine 4J44396 and 6,100 miles: "She is sweet!"

Galen Brown

Galen in Virginia says, "Pretty much was a rust bucket I purchased sight unseen on eBay! Lot of stuff from Carl Walck, Kaiser-Willys, and Willys Overland (replitub). I chose Willys "Transport Yellow" for my color and used NAPA acrylic enamel."

This rear view before Galen added the soft top and roll bar, was a cover photo for The CJ3B Page in 2013. See also a front view (280K JPEG) and the engine (140K JPEG).

Chris Reinthaler

Chris ("Copperswilly" on the CJ-3B Bulletin Board) is in Baltimore. He says, "It has many new parts donated from other Jeeps in the past few years since I bought it in 1995. I had to use body and mechanical parts from 1945, 46, 47, 48 and 53 CJ Jeeps. This Jeep was cut up by United Airlines so they could use it as a luggage chute for airplanes. I still have the original ID tag that was on the dash. The number is 100788. It was missing most of the dash and cowl, the right rear fender, the tailgate and passenger seat. I removed the sections of metal I needed from the donor Jeeps and installed them on mine. I came across a '53 CJ-3B tub and after buying it I removed the dash, cowl and firewall in one piece. I installed it in mine and it made my Jeep more complete than it had been since it was new.

Here's Chris with his sons, niece and nephew in the parade for baseball opening day 2009.

"Since I bought this Jeep I've had many problems to deal with. Once when my father and I were working on it, it caught fire and burned up all the wiring. It's been a long road getting it back together and looking they way it's supposed to, but it's been fun (90K JPEG)."

Art Sesso

"I am a surgeon in the Philadelphia area, and I have had a passion for military vehicles since I was in medical school, when I found a 1942 Ford GPW in a local junkyard. I have always had a desire to restore a CJ-3B, but wanted something different from the usual olive drab vehicles. I decided, after catching a glimpse of a 3B in a movie about the U.S. Air Force, to do an Air Force CJ-3B."

Bjoern Ott

"I live in Germany, more exactly just outside of Munich, in Bavaria. The small town of "Bad Aibling" is well known to many with a U.S. military or intelligence background. Echelon is the keyword here.

"I have owned a CJ-3B, originally Swiss Army, since 2008. The VIN is 454GB216516 and the engine number is 4J136086. She is officially registered as a '55, as she was put into operation that year by the Swiss Army. The engine number seen on the dash plate (100K JPEG) would rather fit a '56 model, according to the Serial Number and Engine Number list. This, and a couple of other details, are hints that she was rebuilt with parts from numerous donors in Switzerland. In 2002 she was imported to Germany.

"The overall trim is rather nice, though not beautiful in every aspect. A few things need to be mended, like the windscreen and the seats. I drive her in summer mostly, and just for fun (110K JPG). However, last December when it got pretty cold, I took her out into the snow at -16C / 3F. The battery had a hard time, but the engine sprang to life rather nicely at the first turn. It was great fun driving around in the snowy foothills of the Alps."

Marc Howland

"I am located in Ft. Worth, Texas, and keep the Jeep most of the year on the hunting property near Quanah, Texas. I have redone most of the mechanical systems, but the body is pretty rough. It is a workhorse for the hunting lease. This is a pic of the Jeep and my grandson. Two of my favorite things."

Marc sent more photos from the 2009 season: in the camp (250K JPEG) and on the trail (70K JPEG).

Dave Jenkins

"Here are a couple pictures of my '54 at the railroad trestle (200K JPEG) over Morrison Run, which empties into the Allegheny River, just east of Warren PA. The road and the stream both run under the trestle.

"After doing some checking with a retired United Refining employee, I found that my Jeep was previously at a regional airport. It had the Ansul fire extinguisher mounted on the back. United bought it from the airport and apparently continued to use it in a fire safety role. I am the third owner after its refinery service. I bought it from Steve Grant of Russell PA."

David Montgomery

"I'm in Redmond, Washington. This is my 1954 CJ-3B that I bought out of Medford, Oregon several years ago. As an owner of a 1952 M38, 1945 MB, and 1946 CJ-2A, I felt it was about time to get a high hood. This inland Jeep was bought off eBay and largely because of its originality. Other than the wheels and tires, it is very much the way it came off the assembly line. Though it needs nothing really and it runs great, I will soon restore it to right off the showroom floor condition (or thereabouts). As with all flatties, this CJ-3B sure receives lots of attention and brings back great memories for many people, as well as myself."

Denis Silva

"My name is Denis Silva, I live in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I have a 1954 CJ-3B which now has a steel roof (90K JPEG) from manufacturer Carraço (120K JPEG), which is an original accessory.

"I am sending some photos of my adventures (90K JPEGs): my first Jeep, my snorkel and hardtop, a rear view of the hardtop, and stopping for a drink."

Sebastian Lobo-Guerrero

"My name is Sebastian Lobo-Guerrero, and my Jeep is right now in Bogota, Colombia. I am living in Pittsburgh, but my father is taking good care of my Jeep (I hope). It is a red CJ-3B that I restored with my father during the fall of 1994 (we spent almost a year in doing this). Recently back in Bogota I gave my Jeep a complete car wash after many months. Probably is not quite the way a Willys was designed to be... clean and shiny!

See the full story of Sebastian's and his father's Three Willys Jeeps on CJ3B.info. See also some of their photos of Jeeps in Colombia.

Bob Gibson

"Serial number is 29501. Don't know the engine number -- it is a stock F134, as is the Willys except 12V. A brass 2x2 tag has ARS V-394 and A-39917 was with the Jeep -- don't know if this is an engine number. There are two small screw holes on top and bottom. I am in Paso Robles CA, in San Luis Obispo County. I love CJ3B.info and have downloaded hundreds of pages and used it often."

Carl Peters

Serial number 454GB2 40049 appears to be pretty well preserved for a '54, probably because it's been wearing a hardtop. It now belongs to Carl Peters in Billings, Montana. See also an interior photo (110K JPEG).

Clint Rushton

"My Dad, Neil 'Pop' Rushton passed away 3 years ago and this was my biggest motivation to revive the old Willys. This was something he always wanted to do but could not afford. I am sure Pop would be pleased with the way it turned out."

See more details and photos of Clint's Flat Fender Restoration in Texas.

Charles Johnson

"I owned a '53 CJ-3B in high school and would have killed for a resource like CJ3B.info back then. I always regretted selling it and so bought a '54 a few years ago and am really enjoying it. Here I'm out on a trail at Camp Pendleton CA -- note the Wrangler stuck in the hole below!

"It is for the most part a stock rig with the only departures being an overdrive and the the previous owner put a 2-1/2 inch lift (Rancho springs and shocks) on it. The problem I am experiencing involves the front end. Both front wheels camber in approximately 2-3 degrees causing some dramatic wear on the front tires. I've read that there is no adjustment for this condition and that the only cause could be a bent axle. My question is, could this be caused by the suspension lift, and if so can anything be done other than going back to the stock suspension?"

Brian Leetch

Brian Leetch builds custom Jeeps in Washington state, and photographed his CJ-3B in front of Mt. St. Helens in 2007.

Brian's brother Rod photographed the Jeep at the Moab Jeep Safari in 2008 -- this was our Spring 2008 cover photo. Another of Rod's pictures is the blue '54 alongside his own red 3B (70K JPEG).

Brian's customized '53 is also featured on CJ3B.info.

Steve Chabot

OB54 "It was to hard to look at CJ3B.info after selling my 1959 3B. For four years I have been looking for a fair condition 3B and I finally found one in Rome, Maine, serial number OB54-10871. It is in good shape (180K JPEG) and runs pretty good. I'm redoing it with my two boys (100K JPEG). The oldest has already hit the garage with it. We lost the brakes in the woods and did not realize it. He will remember that for a long time. His eyes were the size of silver dollars. I probably should not have laughed but I couldn't help it."

See a front view photo (150K JPEG) where the oldest threatens to get back at dad for that remark.

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