Ethanol Powered 1954 CJ-3B

Moacir Pedrosa, Alagoas, Brazil

The July 2021 CJ3B.info cover photo of Moacir Pedrosa's '54 3B was taken by him in a eucalyptus plantation in the city of Atalaia, Brazil.

Moacir lives in Alagoas, and says, "My passion for Jeeps started in my teens when I visited my grandparents on their farm on weekends. They had a CJ-5 and whenever I could, I asked to drive to the nearest town. An uncle who inherited the farm still has this CJ-5, but without money to fix the problems that arise. I tried several times to buy the Jeep to restore and keep it in the family as a souvenir of my grandparents, but my uncle never wanted to sell it and the Jeep remains on the farm to this day, deteriorating more and more.

Right side "Deciding to look for a Jeep to call mine, I started looking for a CJ-5 to buy. I found an ad and invited a friend who knows a lot about Jeeps to help me. We saw the car, but he said it wouldn't be a good deal. When I returned to his house, he showed me a 1954 Willys CJ-3B that a friend of his son had left in storage while on a trip. It wasn't love at first sight, but days later I decided to make an offer, he accepted, and today I'm in love with my CJ-3B."

Ethanol engine "I am the third owner and over time a lot has been done to it. The previous owner replaced the original engine with a newer OHC engine produced by Ford and used by them in the CJ-5 after they bought Willys Overland do Brasil and built Jeeps until 1983. It is powered by ethanol, and there is a four-speed transmission."

See also the right side of the engine (420K JPEG).

Tires Moacir also mentions that "Five old 6.00x16 tires were updated by new 6.50x16 tires."

by Roberto Flores The CJ3B.info cover photo at the top of this page inspired Roberto Flores in Spain to do this sketch of Moacir's Jeep.

Oceanfront Moacir says, "Now, with my wife and son, I have a good time travelling around the city, on small trips to nearby cities, and visiting my uncle on the farm that belonged to my grandparents."

See the family in the Jeep during a 2021 parade of vintage cars, in Everybody Loves a Parade on CJ3B.info.

Thanks to Moacir for the photos. -- Derek Redmond

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