High Hood on the High Plains

Hot '54 3B in Brazil



Marcelo Fleury in Brazil has owned this 1954 CJ-3B for three years. It was mostly original until he started rebuilding it completely after an accident in January 2003, installing power steering, disk brakes, snorkel, tow-bar, and plenty of other modifications.

Marcello lives in Dourados in southwest Brazil, near the Pantanal wetlands and south of the Planalto (High Plains) of Mato Grosso. He says that in his Jeep club there are seven 3B's including his own '53 and '54 models, and he considers it a privilege to own them.

Click on any of Marcelo's photos below to see a larger copy (50K JPEG).

Rebuilt after an accident.

Exhaust pipe
Towed by Willys Rural.

Club meet.

Air intake
Running gear.

Tough spot.

Roadside repairs.

Thanks to Marcelo Fleury for the photos. -- Derek Redmond

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