Jeep for Work and Play

by Steve D. Martin, 1954 CJ-3B, Colorado, USA

Steve is the founder of Dairy Nutrition and Management Consulting and his Jeep is a great reminder that back in 1954 Willys-Overland was advertising the Jeep Universal as a vehicle that could work on the farm all week, and take the family for a ride on Sunday. -- Derek Redmond


DealerThis 1954 CJ-3B was discovered at an auto collectors' showroom in Colorado. It was sitting in the showroom (130K JPEG) next to an Amphicar and a '67(?) fastback Mustang. The 3B looked very out of place in the showroom and was begging me to take it up into the mountains of Colorado. So, we made the purchase and the adventure began.

Mirroe We love taking it trail riding, and also use the Jeep to check out the dairy cows that are part of our business.

RearI sold my 1953 M38A1 to buy it. The military Jeep went to Nebraska to be used in military parades for the local American Legion.

I used Bullhide 4X4 and Krenzelok Customs in Fort Collins to help with the complicated issues, and have handled the minor things myself. We moved the spare to the correct spot from the back, added locking hubs, a new steering wheel, a new carb and a few other things to make it pretty solid currently. The goal is to keep it original!

SideIt has a functional winch that is connected to the PTO. There is no marking on the winch so I have no information on brand or age -- it is very old, I think. I plan to replace the cable. We also added a roll bar for safety.

The mountain pics are from a trail ride on Ballard Road in the Roosevelt National Forest. -- Steve D. Martin

Thanks to Steve for the story and photos. He sold the Jeep in late 2014. -- Derek Redmond

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