1964-1967 CJ-5A Tuxedo Park


The Tuxedo Park was first offered in 1961 as a sporty option package for the CJ-5. This is one of the first times where a Jeep was targeted as a recreational rather than a utility vehicle. In 1964, the Tuxedo Park Mark IV models were given their own designations CJ-5A and CJ-6A. They had a column-shifted T-90 transmission, 60/40 bench seat, wheelhouse cushions, 2-stage variable rate springs for a smoother ride, chrome plated hood hinges, outside mirror, taillights and a center mounted license plate bracket. By 1965, a V6 was standard along with bucket seats. They were not great sellers -- the public was not willing to pay a premium for these extras. 7394 CJ-5As were produced in their 4 year run, and 459 CJ-6As were built, making them among the rarest of the CJ variants.

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