1955-59 CJ-3B Owners and Photos

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1955 Owners' Photos, Page 2
(10 Jeeps)

1955 Owners' Photos
(25 Jeeps)

1955 Featured Jeeps

Wolf in Jeep's Clothing -- John Goering's '55

Weekend in the Tobacco Root Mountains -- John goes camping

Fast and Flashy '55 -- Marcel Vila's '55 in Spain

Beryl Green Jeep is a Gem -- Brian Carpenter's '55

Working Jeep Restored in Colombia -- Miguel Onofre's '55

Willys Alberto Sevillano -- adventures in Colombia, Parts 1 and 2

Wisconsin Willys -- Randall Baldauf's '55 in Arizona

Family Tradition -- Lawrence Wade's '55 in Alabama

Buick V-8 CJ-3B in Action -- William Mish's '55 in Phoenix

"Israelsyeppi" in Iceland -- Magnus Sigurjonsson's '55

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1956 Owners and Photos (25 Jeeps)

1956 Featured Jeeps

Desert Bulldog -- Robert Diaz owned historic '56 from Los Alamos

Los Alamos Jeep Now in OD -- Todd Marquart now owns it in Idaho

Malaria Campaign Jeep -- Christián Podlesker's '56 in Mexico

From Airport to Hunting Camp -- Andy Balistreri's '56 in California

Uncle Ben's Jeep -- Vincent Milder's '56

California 3B is a Retired Hunter -- Phil Downs' '56

Air Canada Staff Car -- Ian Fraser's '56 in Nova Scotia

Restoring a 1956 Military CJ-3B -- Piet Versleijen's '56 in Holland

CJ-3B Vacation in France -- Piet drives to the beach

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1957 Owners and Photos (15 Jeeps)

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1958 Owners and Photos (26 Jeeps)

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1959 Owners and Photos (21 Jeeps)

1957-59 Photo Features

Building Myself a 1957 CJ-3B -- Gary McCourt in Ontario

The Mystery Machine -- Tim McCune's '58 in Wisconsin

Three Bees in Maine -- Glenn Byron's '58

Cherry Red -- Steve Perialas' '58 in Michigan

One Step at a Time in Virginia -- Derek Beatty's '59

New Look for Swiss Army Vet -- Marcel Martinetz's '59 in Germany

1958 CJ-3B at the Jeep Shows -- Peirce Eichelberger in Pennsylvania

Two RAAF Brothers -- Ross Holdway's '58's in Australia

CJ-3Beast Sighted in PA -- James Alan Brown's '59, the Rockadile

CJ-3B Rock Crawlers -- including Rick Kirby's '58

Your Dream Garage -- Ed Spigle's '57 and '59 in Virginia

Retired Australian Air Force Jeep -- Ian Hall's '58

1957 CJ (Camo Jeep) 3B -- James Fulk in Alabama

High Hood Beauty -- Jon Paulsen's '58

Australian Hood Blocks -- Dominic Serong's '58

1959 CJ-3B Frame-Up Restoration -- Pat McIntyre in Ontario

Sunday Driver -- Steve Chabot's '59

Fountain Green '59 -- a few pages of Derek Redmond's photos from Ontario

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