Where Are the CJ-3Bs?


The idea originally popped up on the CJ-3B Bulletin Board in 2007: use the information from the CJ-3B Serial Number and Engine Number List to see where all the known surviving CJ-3Bs in the United States are located. Jamie Powers plotted the results on a graph according to the population of each state (see further down this page) and I have now transferred those figures to a map of the 50 states.

CJ-3B Jeeps per State Population:  

President RedPresident Red = Over 9 Jeeps per million
Omaha OrangeOmaha Orange = Over 4 Jeeps per million
Transport YellowTransport Yellow = Over 3 Jeeps per million

Arena YellowArena Yellow = Over 2.5 Jeeps per million
Fountain GreenFountain Green = Over 2 Jeeps per million
Cerulean BlueCerulean Blue = Over 1.5 Jeeps per million
Royal BlueRoyal Blue = Under 1.5 Jeeps per million


For the map's color code, I used Willys paint colors. President Red indicates the four states where there are over 9 CJ-3B Jeeps for every million people. In Maine the figure is actually 15 Jeeps per million, and in Vermont, Colorado and South Dakota it's around 10. Other than the far northeast states, the highest concentrations of Jeeps tend to be in the western half of the country (including California and Texas which have the largest number of Jeeps, but also the largest populations so they don't rate very high.) The figures are all based on Jeeps in the Database as of 2007, so they would be a bit higher now.


Lawrence Wade originally asked on the Bulletin Board in 2007: "How does your state rate? Number of Jeeps in Derek's database for each state: Alabama 13 Alaska 3 Arizona 20 Arkansas 12 California 77 Colorado 50 Connecticut 10 Delaware 1 Florida 22 Georgia 23 Hawaii 4 Idaho 12 Illinois 8 Indiana 12 Iowa 5 Kansas 21 Kentucky 6 Louisiana 3 Maine 20 Maryland 10 Massachusetts 17 Michigan 22 Minnesota 11 Mississippi 5 Missouri 15 Montana 3 Nebraska 4 Nevada 12 New Hampshire 9 New Jersey 13 New Mexico 9 New York 34 North Carolina 23 North Dakota 3 Ohio 30 Oklahoma 7 Oregon 10 Pennsylvania 43 Rhode Island 0 South Carolina 3 South Dakota 8 Tennessee 19 Texas 70 Utah 9 Vermont 6 Virginia 28 Washington 38 West Virginia 6 Wisconsin 9 Wyoming 3 ."

Pablo: "You forgot Puerto Rico. We are not a state (yet) but I know we have a couple 3B's. I see them everywhere here."

Derek: "Nice work -- very interesting. No 3B's in Rhode Island? Anybody in the northeast know of a Jeep in RI we could add to the Database? Puerto Rico has 10 -- pretty good for its size." (Ed. note: Puerto Rico (yellow) and the District of Columbia (zero) are included in the graph above.)

Chris: "I was in Rhode Island about 11 years ago and an antique store had a 3B outside the building as a nostalgia piece for junk...go figure. It didn't have anything to look at except the body and frame -- no drivetrain, plates or engine. I can't remember the store's name but it was in Providence pretty close to the Howard Johnson motel."

Larry: "My second '53 3B came from a place in RI called Woonsocket, and the man who sold it to me was an auto mechanics instructor at a local college there. At the time of the sale, the gent owned at least two more 3B's and a couple of A's."

Ian: "Now that we have the states covered, how about a list for Canada?"

Derek: "Yes, although as far as a map goes, I think the relatively low numbers and the large land areas in Canada would make it less than useful in revealing Willys distribution patterns."

Thanks to Jamie Powers for compiling the figures for me. The drawings are mostly from the Long-Lost 1953 Newspaper Ads. -- Derek Redmond

See also the list of Surviving CJ-3Bs by Serial Number.

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