High Hood Beauty

1958 CJ-3B, Jon Paulsen, Lafayette, Indiana, USA


Here's one of the first Jeeps featured on CJ3B.info, back in the 1990's. Jon later sold the Jeep, in 2003.

Front and Rear

1958 Willys CJ-3B with Buick 231 V6

"When I put 11-inch brake drums on the Jeep, I could only afford to do one axle. I still have the small drums on the rear, and it works fine. Before, I could never get the front ones to lock on road, even with good pads and fully adjusted. Now sometimes the front locks first and sometimes the rear -- they seem well balanced."

Front crossmember"The custom front cross member is made out of thick-walled square tubing. This is a good modification for anyone who lifts a flat-fender, and steering response is noticeably improved. It lowers the steering bell crank several inches to compensate for lift. The bell crank assembly is bolted to the square tubing with grade 8 bolts."
Buick V6"The cross member is welded to 1/4 inch plates (maybe 2 X 8 inches) that are bolted to the frame, so it's removable for engine access and removal. (Good for beeg dummies like me who like to blow up engines.)"

See also a high angle photo of the engine (20k JPEG).
Former CJ3B Page cover photo
"The Jeep does not look nearly as good in person as in the pictures (our little secret), but I look much better in person."

See also a photo of the interior (40K JPEG).

Thanks to Jon for the photos. Note: as of July 2003, he has sold this Jeep. -- Derek Redmond

For more pictures of Jon's "High-Hood Beauty", see Tracks in the Woods and Snow No Problem, Jon Says

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