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Jason Windemuller

Jason wrote from Zeeland, Michigan in April 2023. He notes, "Took the roll bar off. I think it looks way better with it out. Very easy to put back in for some hardcore wheeling. When I go wheeling (130K JPEG) I put it in -- only 16 bolts, 10 minutes and it's back in."

Chuck Hale

"I have owned a CJ-5 and CJ-7 and a Cherokee. Always loved the flat fenders, found my Jeep and traded a four-wheeler for my CJ-3B. Serial # 8105 122932. I live in Okeechobee, Florida. Has the original F134 and runs like a champ. Have no history on it and cannot get a title. DMV and police have checked VIN and nothing. I have been doing my homework to find out about it, very minimal, so just running it around the neighborhood."

Alan DeLarge

Alan is in California, and decided he liked the look of a non-authentic military-style restoration for this Jeep he has owned a couple of times since 1985.

See 1964 CJ-3B in Desert Tan.

Hector Ayala

"My name is Hector Ayala, from Puerto Rico. I would like to share pictures of the restoration of my father's 1964 Jeep Willys. He was a farmer in Aibonito, a town in the center of the island.

"Please see Restoring My Father's Jeep."

Ken Bushdiecker

Ken "Oldtime" Bushdiecker in Missouri writes, "This 1964 vintage Jeep was rebuilt to duplicate the original stock standard configuration. However it does sport a few of the stock options for that year, including factory-type fuel filtration, low 5.38 gearing, and the Warn O.D. unit. This Jeep can readily function as a pleasure horse, a draft horse, a plow horse, a work horse, and also as a sure-footed pack mule."

See more on Ken's Oldtime Dream from 1964. He sold this Jeep in 2015.

Howard Simpson

"I live in Ocean Shores, Washington. I bought this 1964 CJ-3B in 2012 and have been having fun with it ever since. It had 54K miles on it and the engine numbers were ground off during a rebuild about 6K miles ago. It's stock with a Warn OD and 11" Bronco drum brakes. The Serial Number is 8105127436. Recently overhauled original motor, transmission and overdrive."

It still has the government ID plate and warranty sticker from Kaiser for government Jeeps on the dash. (See a 1966 M606 in Argentina for details on the warranty sticker and how to order a reproduction.)

Howard repainted the Jeep in summer 2013. It had been in green (see a side view and front view) but is now back in GSA Gray (Kaiser paint number 221, trim number 201).

Yosilin Otero Torres

Yosilin sent photos of his '64 from Puerto Rico.

See also front view and rear view photos (250K JPEGs) of his nice restoration.

Les Davis

"I've always loved old Jeeps, and I decided to find and restore an old Army Jeep. I stumbled onto a straight, clean 1964 CJ-3B during my search, and I found a keeper! I still have plenty I want to do, but a majority of the work is complete."

See You're in the Army Now for more photos of Les' project in Texas.

Roy Carter

Roy in Colorado says, "I have had my Jeep for 35 years. In that time I've driven it as an everyday driver, to a work vehicle, to racing it on ice during the winter months. In the summers it participated in Jeep rodeos and was a part of the Mile High Jeep club and other clubs too numerous to name. The Jeep has been retired from these daily activities since 1995 and has 56,000 original miles on it. I've done numerous upgrades to it, from power steering to paint and chroming parts. The engine is a Buick 225 cu. in. V6."

See also a right side view (110K JPEG).

Pete Kresmery

Pete in Michigan says, "I've owned the Willys since 1979. My brother and I picked it up for $650 and disposed of the body from the firewall back before bringing it home. I rebuilt the engine and cleaned / painted the frame in 1980. In 1982 I bought an ACME body and finally got it on the road. I drove it all year and that first winter, the salty Michigan roads took their toll. After only 6K miles, there was already rust-through. I removed the body and repainted it in 1987. Since then, it's only seen limited use, only about another 1K miles.

"The photos show one of the various racks I've built for it. The original use for this bike rack was for a Kevlar racing canoe. It's currently a regular at the various mountain bike trails I volunteer to help build."

Ron Hattner

Ron Hattner in Michigan purchased his '64 (serial number 57348 118604) in 1990 and he hasn't done a whole lot to it since then except repaint it in the original President Red. The Jeep is currently serving as Ron's plow vehicle, allowing him to maintain access to his substantial collection of Jeeps year round. You can see a few of the other Jeeps in the background of the large copy (220K JPEG) of Bill Norris' photo.

Israel Nieves

"I bought my '64 Willys in Puerto Rico, engine number 4J368961, no ID tag with serial number. Extrapolating from the engine numbers in Kaiser Jeep 1960-67 Serial Numbers on CJ3B.info, I come up with serial number 8105121368 as the vehicle's VIN number. This is an ongoing daily driver restoration. In the photo is my brother Dan (180K JPEG) visiting Puerto Rico. See also me locking Warn hubs (150K JPEG) to go bumping and thumping in the wild."

Nathan Foust

"I live in Mountain View, Arkansas. This 1964 was given to me by a friend. This is my first Jeep, and I have been wanting a high hood forever so the work and money will be worth it. Thanks for the website -- it is amazing! My S.N. is 57348118321 and the best I could tell the motor number J361555. I noticed the other motor numbers started with 4J but I couldnt get my block clean enough to see a 4. Patched and painted to the original color but still working on it of course."

Features of the Jeep as Nathan received it: no Willys stampings on the front or on the rear with Hall taillights; hornet nest in the toolbox; lots of aftermarket electronics in the dash; and an unusual gas line (140K JPEGs).

Andy Lewien

Andy in Colorado has a Jeep that belonged to the U.S. Government, but the nomenclature plate (120K JPEG) on the dash does not identify the "Supply or Service Arm Maintaining Vehicle." Firewall tags list S.N. 8105 126165, Paint Code 999 and Trim Code 67.

Andy Says, "I would really like to know what the paint and trim numbers mean, and what branch of the military she was a part of. I have the flip-up windshield (working and complete), bumperettes, holes for blackout lamp on left fender, hole from trailer plug on left rear, hand-pumped windshield washer and original washer bag, spin-on oil filter, ammeter left of steering wheel, heater, rear seat, 16" wheels, original front seats, etc.... I also have lots of rust in the tub and floors. Hope to do a frame-off one day.

"Biggest change from original: early Toyota FJ-40 Landcuiser alternator andvoltage regulator (cheap and easy to fit in the generator mount). I have owned the Jeep since 1997, purchased from a family friend whose family had purchased it at auction when they lived in Ohio. Odometer not working now but shows 49500 or so, believed to be 149500 or so."

Lars Sorensen

"I am located in Valparaiso, Chile. I must say I was very lucky with my purchase because I have been searching for this very model for about 4 years and only found either junk or unrealistically expensive iron. The one I've bought is really unmessed with and looks stock. I am afraid the ID plate on the firewall is missing, though.

"You may note that though far from '100 point original', my Jeep is still quite stock and I like to keep it that way as much as possible as I love this model as it is (was)."

See also a front view, the interior, and two photos under the hood: engine right and engine left (100K JPEGs).

Simon Bruton

"Being a sixties model, the grille had no Willys stamping on it when we got the Jeep. Flatfender Jeeps are fairly rare in South Africa, and most 'Jeeps' you see are usually fiberglass replicas on a VW Beetle pan or Japanese pick-up chassis, so I wanted to have the Willys stamping to identify it as a made-in-Toledo original."

See more photos and details of this 1964 CJ-3B in South Africa.

Brian Woolever

Brian in Pennsylvania says, "I've been looking for an old Willys for quite some time. I was out by my wife's folks' house near Pittsburgh one weekend -- her father and I were at a Burger King for lunch. I was wearing a Jeep shirt with an old Willys on it and this older fella walked in with a camo hat with Jeep in bright orange. I bet my father-in-law that guy would say something to me, and he did -- he asked if I had an old Willys, and I replied no. He told me he'd have 3 for sale in about a week or so. Later that month I stopped by. He sells Jeeps on the side of the road -- he had a 2A with a fiberglass body and Chevy power plant, the other was a CJ-5 with no head on it and very bad shape, and this 3B which was what I was looking for, all original. Well the family came up with enough cash to buy it. Thanks to my brother-in-law Matt who used his Hemi Ram to tow, and Uncle Joe who got me a U-haul trailer.

"It has a hard top, and hard doors -- slider windows in the doors, 2 rear sider windows and a window in the hatch -- Warn hubs and plow ram. All parts are there to make the ram run, but no plow blade. Heater and defroster also there, and all original engine parts. Body in OK shape."

Some previous owner gave this Jeep a VIN tag with an 8305 prefix from a CJ-5, but Brian says, "Walck's 4 Wheel Drive is pretty sure it's a '64 so that's how I'm going to title it. On my list is a new gas tank, choke cable, throttle cable, new gas lines and a carb rebuild kit."

See also the dash and the inside of the hardtop door (100K JPEGs).

Edson Leite

Edson in Brazil writes in Portuguese, "CJ3B.info helped me a lot in restoration of my Kaiser M606, which I bought in an auction of the Brazilian Army (30K JPEG) in Rio de Janeiro where I live. I paid about US$300 and have restored the Jeep, seen here with my children Peter and Thiago."

Robert N. Smith

"I live in Waco, Texas. The title I have shows the original mileage to be 35,000 when my step-father bought it. It had not been run in two years, but with a new set of plugs, points, and a carb rebuild, it started right up and has been running since.

"I completely stripped old paint off to the bare metal inside and out, painted the outside, and then used "Herculiner" for the inside. I think it turned out quite well, but still have some cosmetic changes to make. This has been a labor of love of course, since the Jeep was given to me by my father in law. He has passed away, which gives the Jeep even that much more value to me."

See more photos and details of this Family Heirloom in Waco.

Brett Chitwood

Brett Chitwood in Indiana bought this 1964 CJ-3B a couple of years ago, and found it to be in pretty good shape with the exception of some body rust and worn-out springs. His remodelling of the Jeep included all-new metal on both sides of the tub from front to rear. The rear seat came from a Chevy Surburban; Brett cut 14 inches from the center of the seat bottom and backrest.

For lots more photos and Brett's project timeline, see High Hood Sport Model on CJ3B.info.

Joel Rivas

"I live in El Salvador in Central America, in the capital city of San Salvador, and I have owned my 1964 Jeep for about 10 years. At one time I considered selling the Jeep, but when my daughters heard about it they began to cry, and I decided to keep it in the family."

See 1964 Willys CJ-3B for more photos and details.

George Bagwell

"1964 Kaiser Jeep Corp. VIN 8105124089. It appears to be U.S. Air Force surplus, with a steel body with plywood doors. All painted Air Force blue, with insignia on top of the hood. The motor number appears to be 4J372902. It is very lighly stamped and is hard to read; the second digit actually looks more like a 0, but I assume it is actually a J because all of the other engine numbers are. The pictures are not very good, but you can see what it looks like. The body is made by Koenig Iron Works in Houston, Texas, number 320."

See also a rear view photo (70K JPEG) showing rear bumperettes which are another indicator of likely military service.

Joe Notte

"I was fortunate enough to come across this 1964 Navy Jeep at an estate auction. For 26 years the Jeep was used as a hunting vehicle in the woods and mountains of upstate Pennsylvania."

See more photos and information on Joe's CJ-3B and Hummer. Joe has now sold the Jeep, as of January 2003.

Steve Childers

RearSteve wanted a flatfender for years, and finally got this one. See more details in Scratching the Flatfender Itch, and see his daily commute to work at the Houston Police Dept. in Daily Driver. Steve sold the Jeep in 2011.

Alex Houle

"I have a Canadian-made CJ-3B, built in Windsor, Ontario by Kaiser of Canada in 1964. My wife Sylvie Roy and I purchased it for $250 In June 1994, upon finding it completely original but very neglected. It had not run in over three years, yet all it took was a boost and change of fuel and we were able to drive it home.

"Now it is stripped and crated, and in the beginning stages of a complete return to as close to original show room condition and color (we hope it was blue) as we can get, and still drive it daily in the summer."

See more Project Photos of Alex and Sylvie's Jeep.

Chuck DeHut

"I have questions about paint color, origination (Navy?), just small details that would help in partial restore. Here's a picture so I can feel like the West Coast is a little more represented on your site -- I'm in Las Vegas, Nevada. 3B's have been in the family for 35 years -- got to keep your site away from my Dad as he would never get anything else done. I will soon be tearing down the f-head as I am determined to keep it as stock as possible."

Larry Ford

There is no Willys logo on the hood or grille. The tailgate was replaced by a previous owner, but it likely also had no name stamped on it. Larry says, "The VIN plate says Willys, and the serial number is definitely 57348 117340. The engine number is 4J369976. The tub and running gear seem to be in great shape, and most things seem to be stock."

For more photos, see Hunting in Texas: A Good Dog and a Late Model B. Larry also has lots more on his website.

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