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Contact me with suggestions or contributions for CJ3B.info. But if you have technical questions or want advice on buying a Jeep, I suggest the 3A and 3B Community.

Help expand the CJ-3B Serial Number and Engine Number List by submitting information about your Jeep. Please send your name and location, with your Jeep's model year, serial number, engine number and any background information about the Jeep. Send to redmond@cj3b.info.

Feel free to attach photos to your e-mail, or contact me to make other arrangements for sending pictures. Large, uncropped, high quality JPEG files are the best format, but I can handle whatever you've got.

See About CJ3B.info for some background on me and the website, and see some of the feedback I received in the early years of "The CJ3B Page." -- Derek Redmond

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