High Hood Sport Model

1964 CJ-3B, Brett Chitwood, Indiana

Side view

Brett Chitwood bought this 1964 CJ-3B a couple of years ago, and found it to be in pretty good shape with the exception of some body rust and worn-out springs. His remodelling of the Jeep included all-new metal on both sides of the tub from front to rear. Scorpion bed liner the same color as the body was applied to the inside and underside of the tub including rear fenderwells. The rear seat came from a Chevy Suburban; Brett cut 14 inches from the center of the seat bottom and backrest. Wrangler Sport decals and American Racing wheels were added to give the classic high-hood profile a contemporary look.


Front includes auxiliary lighting.


Brett fabricated the trailer hitch.


Tub had extensive body rot.


Brett kept the existing roll bar.

See also a shot of the interior before restoration (50K JPEG).

Brett kept a timeline of his progress on the project:

Engine before

After grille and fender removal.


After tub removal.

Firewall holes

Holes from a hatchet job for homemade heater.

Frame primed

Frame in self-etching primer.

See also front of tub in primer, with firewall damage repaired (50K JPEG).

Hat channel

Replacing front floor bracing.


Scorpion bed liner inside tub.


Dash includes electric wipers, CD player.


Wiring includes fuse panel.

See also right side of engine (100K JPEG) showing welding and reinforcement of hood center seam.

Thanks to vendors: Turner 4WD, Walcks 4WD, Beachwood Canvas, The Carburetor Shop, J. C. Whitney, Jeep Panels Plus, Scorpion Bed Liner, NAPA Auto Parts (Bloomington, IN), Bells Exhaust (Bloomington, IN), Tieman Tires (Owensburg, IN). -- Brett Chitwood

And thanks to Brett for the photos. -- Derek Redmond

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