Spring Willys Reunions


The Spring Willys Reunion has been held annually for 25 years at a location in Ohio or other states in the U.S. midwest. There is also a Fall Reunion normally held in Missouri.

The Reunion is always a friendly and well-organized event; I have sometimes been able to attend to take photos for CJ3B.info. Thanks also to the other contributors who have sent me photos. -- Derek Redmond

See photos from the Spring Reunions of:

2002 (Forward Control truck as the featured vehicle)

2003 (CJ-3B)

2004 (pickup truck)

2005 (CJ-2A)

2006 (Jeepster Commando)

2007 (CJ-5 and Aero)

2007 Willys Parade to the Chrysler Museum

2008 (Maverick Wagon and Surrey Gala)

2009 (Tuxedo Park)

2010 (Jeep pickup and Empire tractor)

2011 (the working Jeep)

2012 (Jeepster)

2013 (CJ-3A and B) -- Derek does the keynote speech.

2013 Caravan to Cuyahoga

2014 (public service Jeeps)

2015 (CJ-2 AgriJeep)

2015 More Photos

2016 (Kaiser-Frazer automobiles)

2017 (25th Anniversary)

2018 (FC-170) -- three pages plus a bonus video.

For more information on past and upcoming Reunions, see the Willys Reunion website.

See more Willys Event Reports on CJ3B.info.

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