Spring Midwest Willys Reunion 2010

by Bob Christy

Here are some shots of the three CJ-3Bs at the Spring Midwest Willys Reunion held in Mason, Ohio on the May 21-23 weekend. We got there Friday around 2 P.M. after driving 236 miles through a rainstorm (we trailered). Around 5 P.M. we headed off to Wal-Mart to find a lock for the trailer and were hit with a deluge of rain for about an hour. Back at the show and hotel, they had tornado warnings and made everyone go back to their rooms and hide in the bathrooms.

Saturday was great weather and there were perhaps 100 Jeeps of all stripes to be seen. It was a pretty cool show and my first all-Jeep event. There were several vendors on hand who had a number of parts.

This is a '54 that had a three point hitch and a hydraulic powered chainsaw running off the rear PTO.

Red 3B
The owner fired the chainsaw up for use. The saw looks like a widowmaker to me, but was very cool.

Green 3B
This was a really nice '53 that looked fairly original, had a nice set of original soft top bows. I never got to speak to the owner.

Christy '53
This one is mine, sporting here new tires and powdercoated rims, along with my home made spare tire cover and new upholstery.

Some Willys-powered Empire tractors were also featured this year. All in all, I highly recommend going to the show to see the Jeeps, get ideas for your build, find parts and join in the conversation about Willys Jeeps. We will definitely go next year.


Thanks to Bob for the report. -- Derek Redmond

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