Spring Midwest Willys Reunion 2006


This year's Spring Midwest Willys Reunion was held in Springfield IL on 19-21 May. There are lots of photos online now (see links below), but here's a quick look at some of the highlights which might be of particular interest to readers of CJ3B.info.

There were three nice 3B's in attendance this year, two of which were recent restorations with agricultural equipment lifts installed, so the high-hoods got lots of attention.

1953 CJ-3B
John and Phyllis Ittel's 1953 CJ-3B with Stratton 3-point lift was a brand new restoration from College Corner, Ohio. A rear view (80K JPEG) gives a closer look at the mounted posthole digger.

This is the Stratton controller. The hydraulics are driven electrically and the pump is mounted on the frame rail. See also a closeup of the rear PTO and lift (80K JPEG).

1959 CJ-3B
Tom Hill's "WILEZ 59" from Wheaton IL sported some functional add-ons for off-road safety and convenience, including lighting, winch, roll cage, Hi-Lift jack and locking hubs on all four wheels.

Monroe lift
Harold Bollenbacher brought his '53 with Monroe lift from Reno NV and it made an excellent companion piece to John Ittel's Jeep: two 1953 CJ-3Bs with the two main types of 3-point hitch. See also a front view (80K JPEG) with period fire extinguisher.

Swap meet
The tables at the swap meet had as usual a great variety of parts, accessories, literature, junk, T-shirts, even complete vehicles.

Jim Marski had unique literature for sale, as well as other memorabilia, accessories and a bunch of toy Jeeps including this rare Al-Toy CJ-2A fire engine (asking price $2500).

And there were full-size fire trucks. The 1958 Commando owned by Mark and Jill Smazik was a big hit. See more details on this recent restoration in Howe 6-226 Willys Fire Trucks on CJ3B.info. See also a left side photo (80K JPEG).

Fire engines
Here's the Commando fire truck next to Art and Darlene Gloss' 1945 CJ-2A fire engine (80K JPEG). Both are Howe conversions. See also an open-cab Willys fire truck (80K JPEG) in attendance.

Among the usual great display of Willys Jeeps and trucks, this Willys Aero automobile was a nice change of pace. And a couple of not-exactly-Willys vehicles that caught the eye of our photographers were the rare 1971 Hurst Jeep Commando (50K JPEG) owned by Rod and Luana Schneider, and the Whizzer motorbike (50K JPEG) that Nelson Hurt brought to tool around on.

The camaraderie at the Saturday night banquet and throughout the weekend was perhaps the biggest attraction of the Willys Reunion. We hope to see you next year, in Michigan.

For more pictures from the 2006 event, see the Spring Willys Reunions website.

Thanks to Bill Norris and Art Contoni for the photos, and Kevin Banonis for supplying additional information. -- Derek Redmond

See more photos from the annual Spring Willys Reunions on CJ3B.info.

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