Spring Midwest Willys Reunion 2003


Bob Stewart, Dennis Caraway, Kevin Banonis and their team of volunteers held this year's Spring Midwest Willys Reunion in Baraboo, Wisconsin on the weekend of May 16-18. The featured Willys model was the CJ-3B Universal Jeep, in recognition of the 50th anniversary of its first model year.

Here are just a few of the vehicles seen at the Reunion. Click any of these photos by Wes Knettle to see a big, detailed copy (100K JPEG.)

Dale and Wendy Bruns' 3B from St. Claire, Missouri has been in the family for over 40 years. An L-head 134 engine was installed over 20 years ago by Dale's dad. See also the front view and the dashboard.

Louie Larson's 1961 3B is original and unrestored, with just over 16,000 miles. See a rear view and the dashboard.

Louie Larson and Dale Bruns got under Dale's Jeep to work on the Saturn overdrive which kept locking up. Meanwhile, Louie's literature table was in good hands.

Longtime Willys Reunion organizer Dennis Caraway brought his '54 3B which is a recent acquisition. Check out the nice new seats in the rear view.

Dennis West of Janesville, Wisconsin showed his '54 in its beautiful new paint job. The Jeep (formerly owned by Joel Kamunen) has an OD, Weber carb and 12 V electrics.

Jim Marski from Colorado was selling stacks of original artwork from Willys factory manuals. (See Original CJ-3B Factory Artwork on CJ3B.info.)

Another vendor was Steve Crober of Wisconsin, who had an air cleaner, a rear PTO, and a little bit of everything in between.

Of course Northstar Willys had a table of parts for sale, and proprietor Jim Rorah also brought his 1942 slat-grille MB (and the 2A behind it). See also a rear view.

There are always lots of nice CJ-2As at the Reunion. This is Tom Gornik's '47 from Minnesota; see also a rear view.

Bill Norris brought his CJ-2A and his Bantam trailer; see also a front view and the left side. Too bad Willys didn't paint CJ-3Bs like this.

Unrestored but attracting lots of attention was James DeYoung's 1946 CJ-2A Farm Jeep. See also the dash and column shift.

Another Jeep loaded with agricultural goodies was Ralph Ring's '48 2A.

Butch Polzin had a trailer load of 2A's for sale, including a hardtop '49 Farm Jeep for $3000. See also front and rear views of Butch's own restored '47 2A with rear PTO.

Rick Plumedahl's beautiful DJ-3A from Eau Claire, Wisconsin is a 1957 model.

And there were trucks; this 1960 pickup has a V8 installed. In the background is Jason Helke's '57. A modified '56 pickup was also seen in the parking lot.

An unusual Forward Control truck was Ted Parshall's dump bed from Washington. Steve Pearson brought an unrestored 1960 FC-170 fire truck.

This 1964 FC170DRW was a fire truck in Pennsylvania. Joe Esdale brought the truck with rear chassis exposed, giving everybody a chance to check out the drivetrain.

The dually has a T98 transmission. See also the rear chassis and the heavy duty front wheel.

No shortage of Willys wagons either; Todd McGonagle's clean 1960 two-tone is from Minnesota.

Pat Hughes brought this '52 wagon from Illinois. It's powered by a 4.3 Chevy.

Thanks to Wes Knettle for these great photos. -- Derek Redmond

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