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History of Jeeps in Australia -- unique models and various importers.

Promoting the Australian-Made CJ-3B -- road rallies, ads, appearances.

Australian Hood Blocks -- distinctive 1958 feature reproduced.

Building 27 -- the Willys factory in Brisbane, and the mystery mural.

Christmas 1957 -- including the first shipload of 1958 3Bs to Brisbane.

Willys Australia Serial Numbers -- original CJ-3B factory records, 1958.

The 1958 Australian Army CJ-3B Trials -- top secret report revealed.

Details of a Right-Hand-Drive Universal Jeep -- engineered in Toledo?

Willys Australia Parts Numbers -- spare parts kit.

1961 Beach Car -- CJ-3B Gala built by Willys Australia.

High Hoods Make Jeep Action Cover -- Australia's Jeep magazine.

1958 Owners' Photos -- includes more Australian 3Bs.

Simpson Desert Expedition -- first east to west crossing, Northern Territory, Australia, 1969.

Simpson Desert Expedition Video -- excerpt from Tjanpi: Land of Spinifex, 1969.

"We conquered the Simpson" -- Jeep Overlander advertising after the Simpson trip.

The 2019 East-West Simpson Desert Expedition, Part 1 -- the 50th anniversary celebration.

The 2019 East-West Simpson Desert Expedition, Part 2 -- the western half of the desert.

Cross Country Camping in Comfort -- 1958 3B and trailer in Queensland.

Homemade High Hood Gets Turbo Diesel -- Glen Plumridge's project in NSW.

Jeep Tub From Scratch -- restoration and expedition in northern Queensland.

Two RAAF Brothers -- born on the same day in 1958.

Royal Australian Air Force Jeeps -- 1960 follow-me photos.

Retired 1958 Australian Air Force Jeep -- restored in civilian colors.

Willys Fire Trucks in Australia -- Country Fire Authority tankers, and more.

J-20 Fire Trucks in New Zealand -- conversion was popular with Kiwis.

The Q Van -- Sydney's FC-170 was the first rescue truck downunder.

Willys Ambulances in Australia -- factory and custom.

Australian Army Ambulance -- long wheelbase CJ-3B-L restored.

Mahindra Jeeps in Australia -- "Stockman" and "Bushranger" import experiment.

Willys and Mahindra Pair in Australia -- side-by-side restorations in Queensland.

The Legends Live: Real Life Mahindra Marketing Tales -- including Australia and New Zealand.

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