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What's New at

Spring Willys Reunion 2017 -- record six 3Bs turn out for 25th Anniversary Reunion.

High Hoods Make Jeep Action Cover -- May-June issue of Australia's magazine for Jeep fans.

The Jeep Family of Vehicles -- CJ-3B featured in Willys Motors brochure 61-7.

What Henry Kaiser Gave Up to Make Jeeps -- updated with the story of the Willys-Triumph TR2.

Willys Jeep At Work -- Michigan farm Jeep inspires painting.

1963 Mitsubishi J3R Jeep Art -- Hidemi's latest print is a copper engraving.

Agriculture Prefers a Tractor -- promoting farm Jeeps in the Netherlands in 1954 (above).

Another Trophy for Spud -- Best in Class for Ogletree CJ-3B in Texas.

The Dispatcher -- Spring 2017 issue begins third year of the magazine.

A Trip to Burma -- old Jeeps and really old trucks in a 1983 travelogue.

CJ-3A Fire Service Conversions -- some distinctive non-factory fire Jeeps.

Airport Ground Service Jeeps -- CJ3Bs and more, at work on the tarmac.

Civilian Jeeps in the Congo -- final part of Leif's definitive historical series.

Part 16: Military Mutinies -- mercenaries rely on Jeeps as Congo story takes strange turns.

Spanish Army Diesel CJ-3B -- on the vintage show circuit in the UK.

New in Owners and Photos -- interesting '64 CJ-3B in Georgia.

Swing-Away Spare Tire Carrier -- welding project for trail Jeeps.

Classic Jeep, Not-So-Classic Movie -- fastback Willys is the main attraction in this Indian film.

Recent Updates -- showroom '53 in Utah and mint '58 in Puerto Rico. on Facebook -- share our postings to reach more F-heads.

Military Jeeps in the Congo -- Parts 11-12 feature the armored M606.

Lubricating the Steering Knuckles -- the best answers to the perennial servicing question.

Beryl Green in Brazil -- new in 1954 CJ-3B Owners and Photos.

ONUC Air Division -- Jeeps and planes, in Part 9 of "Military Jeeps in the Congo".

High Hoods Everywhere -- even on Ranakai Island, 1944, in ABC-TV's Broadside.

Elvis Jeep Toys -- and the Tuxedo Park in the 1965 Presley film Tickle Me.

M606 Jeeps in Colonia -- hanging out with the stars, on location in Buenos Aires.

Jeep Art by Mort Künstler -- "America's Artist" had an earlier career with adventure mags.

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