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What's New at

Jeep Lives Lived -- Jamie Powers, 1962-2019.

"We conquered the Simpson" -- Jeep advertising after the Simpson Desert Expedition, 1969.

Growing Up in a Jeep Family -- 1970s Jeeping in Washington state.

CJ3 Beans Coffee -- Colombian Willys mobile coffee shop hits the UK.

Broadway Pedal-Drive Jeeps -- nicely detailed 1950s/60s toys made in Argentina.

Malvinas M606 -- the lone flatfender of the 1982 Falklands War.

Family Jeep Restoration in Colorado -- new in 1953 Owners' Photos.

Willys Working -- Java Jeeps in Colombia, including the 1999 earthquake.

Los Jeeps: Made in Spain -- now including the Avia CJ-3Bs of the 1980s (above).

Simpson Desert Expedition -- first east to west crossing, Northern Territory, Australia, 1969.

Bulletin Board -- update on progress toward the new 3A/3B web forum.

Baltimore County: Part 2 -- the Jeeps of the volunteer fire companies.

Baltimore County's Fire Jeeps: Part 1 -- the unique history of BCoFD's 40 Jeeps (above).

Spring Willys Reunion 2019 -- 17-18 May in Aurora, Ohio.

Cross Country Camping in Comfort -- bulletproof 1958 3B and trailer in Queensland.

On the Beach -- we now have the winning caption for this vintage photo.

The Mystery Machine -- '58 in Wisconsin with a Scooby Doo paint job and mystery PTO.

Willys CJ-3B: The World's Jeep -- coffee shops, volcanoes and more.

Camprodon: Jeep Capital of Spain -- local Willys owners display their Jeeps.

Boyer CJ-3A Jeep Fire Engine -- BJ with an interesting history.

1955 Owners' Photos -- resto starts on family Jeep in Wisconsin.

Restoration of a Fresh-Air Heater -- Chuck Watford upgrades the interior of his '64.

CJ-3Bs on Ice -- more photos of the early Zamboni® Jeeps.

World's Largest Jeep Grille -- in Texas of course, new on the "Believe It or Not" page.

Matchbox Playsets -- 1980s and 90s dioramas, new in the Toy Jeeps Pages.

Swiss Army Jeeps -- including 1955 newsreel film of CJ-3Bs on night maneuvers.

Airfield Crash Rescue Jeeps -- from World War II to Wrangler, including some CJ-3Bs.

Work and Play, Then and Now -- CJ-3Bs doing what they do best... everything.

Building Myself a 1957 CJ-3B -- Gary McCourt takes us through his 9-year project!

Calendar Art by Walter Baumhofer -- Jeeps and bears!

West Vancouver Unit 34 -- Sterling CJ-2A fire engine with an interesting history.

Mint 1960 CJ-3B -- Bob Miksch's super-low-mileage Jeep in Ohio.

CJ3B-01 -- is this mystery Jeep the first CJ-3B?

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