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What's New at

Jeeps in Jonny Quest -- Doug Wildey's art for the classic animated TV series (above).

Naga Tribe Meets the CJ-3B -- headhunters in northeast India, circa 1962.

U.S. Army CJ-3B Still in Service -- parade Jeep at Ft. Leonard Wood.

On the Beach in Zululand -- Roger Gaisford's photo is new in "CJ-3Bs in the Sand."

Toledo Jeep Fest 2018 -- new in the Willys Event Reports section.

CJ-3B at a Vintage Trailer Rally -- Larry Shank takes us along to a big trailer event.

Homemade High Hood Gets Turbo Diesel -- Glen Plumridge's project in Australia.

Fourth of July 2017 -- Fred the Stretched 3B joined the Friendswood, Texas parade again.

Spring Willys Reunion 2018 -- three pages of coverage, plus video of the high hoods.

Wilkes-Barre Pumper 4 -- interesting FC-170 from Valley Fire Truck Co.

Willys Mystery Photo -- we visit the spot where the photo was taken in 1962.

Junior's Pedal Jeep -- chain-drive project in Brazil, new in the Toy Jeeps Pages.

Recent Updates -- I found out where this Navy photo was taken! ...and much more.

FC-150 Fire Trucks in Austria -- new in the Fire Service Jeeps section.

1955 Owners' Photos -- working Jeep restored in Denmark.

1961 Owners' Photos -- government surplus Jeep in North Carolina.

New in Owners' Photos -- Craig Wilson's '54 in Australia.

1961 Beach Car -- more details on the CJ-3B Gala built by Willys Australia.

Adapting a CJ-5 Rear Seat For Use in a CJ-3B -- Dick Williams can use it in both his Jeeps.

A Visit From the RAAF -- the Air Force evaluates a CJ-3B in Brisbane, Australia.

CJ-3B Upholstery -- repro of the "tiny Jeeps" pattern is available in three colors.

Rear Axle Breaks at Speed -- Update: Larry installs full-floating axle with locking hub.

New in "Double Take High Hoods" -- 3Bs powered by a Go Devil and a Chevy 250!

CJ-3B Snow Jeeps -- Swedish Army tests tracked 3B in 1955.

Cournil Tractor Restored -- rare Hotchkiss-Willys diesel conversion in France.

Almost Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About CJ-3B Speed -- Oldtime goes deep.

Jeepster 473-VJ -- we go for a spin in the Hurricane-powered sportster.

High Hood Restored in the UK -- wrecked EBRO Bravo from Spain was a challenge.

Back in the Day -- CJ-3Bs everywhere, including Kentucky's Frontier Nursing Service.

Civil Defense Jeeps -- they're actually pretty hard to find.

Military Jeeps in the Congo -- 20 pages of rare photos from the 1960s.

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