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What's New at

The Carnation Revolution -- Jeeps and armored cars power the 1974 coup in Portugal.

Off the Line Together in Toledo, 1957 -- reunited 60 years later in Belgium.

DJ-3A Front Grille: Early and Late -- new in Dispatcher Details.

Gone Military in Brasil -- 1954 civilian CJ-3B restored in Santa Catarina.

Michael Fries' '62 in Michigan -- another 3B with a family connection.

CJ-3B Factory Fire Engine -- perfectly preserved example on display in Alberta.

New in 1963 Owners' Photos -- Chris Woolley in Colorado digs up his new Jeep's history.

Australian Army Ambulance -- long-wheelbase 1958 CJ-3B-L restored.

Canadian Jeep Fire Engines -- built in Ontario by Sterling Machine and American Marsh.

Early CJ-2A Fire Engine -- at a very unusual live burn demonstration in 1949.

Recent Updates -- including the half-price engine rebuild kit, and more Jeep fire engines.

New in 1959 Owners' Photos -- Joe Hires' 3B with 1800 miles is now restored.

Hotchkiss Jeep "Light Tank Trucks" -- popular fire service conversion in France.

New Look for Swiss Army Vet -- Marcel Martinetz's '59 pulls vintage camping trailer.

Chasing the Bighorn Sheep -- Alberta, 1963, in a Canadian-built CJ-3B.

Jeep vs. Scout: "Confidential" -- rare Willys Export booklet with great illustrations.

Holy Toledo! 2018 Calendar -- for next year there's a high hood and much more.

High Hood in Havana -- CJ-3B in the same family since 16 December 1953.

CJ-3B Owners and Photos -- now with index pages by year, and larger photos.

Orange County Beauty -- 1960 CJ-3B sold at auction in the OC.

North to Alaska -- Joe Bee's Three Bee reaches the Arctic Circle.

High Hood Fun -- more unusual CJ-3B photos from around the world.

Birth of a Jeep -- mystery mural at the Willys factory in Australia.

Operation Pineapple -- the green and yellow Brazil-to-Alaska CJ-3B lives again.

DJ-3A Speedometers -- the same as the CJ-3B, but with some surprises.

Rust Removal -- slowing it down or preparing for painting.

Jeeps of the Irish Defence Forces -- including 2017 restoration in UN paint.

1961 CJ-3B Transformed -- Lance Macmaster in Arkansas builds his dream Jeep.

Cadet Gray CJ-3B -- was rare '53 painted at the Willys plant in California?

The Jeep Family of Vehicles -- CJ-3B featured in Willys Motors brochure 61-7.

What Henry Kaiser Gave Up to Make Jeeps -- updated with the story of the Willys-Triumph TR2.

Military Jeeps in the Congo -- 20 pages of rare photos from the 1960s.

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