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What's New at

High Hoods Everywhere -- even on Ranakai Island, 1944, in ABC-TV's Broadside.

Mahindra Jeeps at War -- new photos include retreating troops ripping apart their Jeeps.

Snow Day! -- new snowplow photos include Montreal's brand new CJ-3B in 1953.

Recent Updates -- new Owners' Photos include former Navy Jeep in Colorado (above). on Facebook -- please Share our postings to reach more F-heads.

Elvis Jeep Toys -- and the Tuxedo Park in the 1965 Presley film Tickle Me.

J8 Mini-Pumper Conversion -- Vehículo Intervencíon Rápida is new in "Fire Service Jeeps."

M606 Jeeps in Colonia -- hanging out with the stars, on location in Buenos Aires.

Christmas 1963 -- toys, cars, music and news stories from a difficult December.

Lunch Date with a CJ-3B -- restaurant display in Barcelona.

New in 1964 Owner's Photos -- possible ex-Air Force Jeep in Texas.

CJ-3B Restored as Tribute -- Jeff Heidman's '53 at Veteran's Day event in Atlanta.

Jeeps of Ladakh -- my 1990 visit to the Land of Jeeps in northern India.

Jeep Art by Mort Künstler -- "America's Artist" had an earlier career with adventure mags.

Holy Toledo! Calendar for 2017 -- still available.

20 Years of CJ3B Cover Pages -- 190 covers from the first twenty years on the web.

Koenig R100J Crankshaft Winch -- engage/disengage and forward/reverse from the cab.

Promoting the Australian-Made CJ-3B -- excellent new photos from 1958.

RAAF CJ-3B Model Kit -- new in 1/35 scale from MMK, inspired by

More Ixo 1/43 High Hood Jeeps -- three diecast CJ-3B's from Ixo Models.

Willys Interlagos -- sports car with a Jeep connection, new in the Toy Jeeps Pages.

Stretched 3B at 2016 Shows -- Fred is a great Willys ambassador.

Yellow Jeeps -- did any CJ-3B's come from the factory that way?

Armored M606 Jeeps -- 1970 photo from the Philippines raises questions.

A Jeep Called "I Presume" -- CJ-3B from Israel in the Congo, 1960.

Number Nine -- After a lifetime of Jeeps, Dana Warburton finally gets a CJ-3B.

The Great Willys Picnic 2016 -- family fun and a time machine in Pennsylvania. at the Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival -- high hoods dominate Show 'n Shine.

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