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What's New at

Jeepneys of the Philippines -- government agrees to allow majority to stay on the road.

Universal is Right!   High Hoods Everywhere... -- including the South Pacific.

1955 Owners' Photos -- resto starts on family Jeep in Wisconsin.

Restoration of a Fresh-Air Heater -- Chuck Watford upgrades the interior of his '64.

CJ-3Bs on Ice -- more photos of the early Zamboni® Jeeps.

World's Largest Jeep Grille -- in Texas of course, new on the "Believe It or Not" page.

Matchbox Playsets -- 1980s and 90s dioramas, new in the Toy Jeeps Pages.

Swiss Army Jeeps -- including 1955 newsreel film of CJ-3Bs on night maneuvers.

1961 Owners' Photos -- Swiss Army CJ-3B goes U.S. Army.

Snow Jeeps -- now we know when and where this ski hill traffic jam took place!

Airfield Crash Rescue Jeeps -- from World War II to Wrangler, including some CJ-3Bs (above).

"Where a Man Belongs" -- long-wheelbase CJ-3B in 1980 ad campaign for Camels.

Holy Toledo! Calendar for 2019 -- big year for flatfenders.

Work and Play, Then and Now -- CJ-3Bs doing what they do best... everything.

Kronenburg Fire Jeeps -- unique CJ-2A and 3A conversions (and a DJ-5) in the Netherlands.

Building Myself a 1957 CJ-3B -- Gary McCourt takes us through his 9-year project!

Calendar Art by Walter Baumhofer -- Jeeps and bears!

December 1958 -- 60 years ago: Ike, Marines, cowboys, cars, toys, tragedy, Jeeps.

1956 Owners' Photos -- the Conleys in New Hampshire get a flatfender.

Sterling Machine & Mfg. Fire Jeeps -- Canadian-built CJ-2A fog engines.

West Vancouver Unit 34 -- Sterling CJ-2A fire engine with an interesting history.

Mint 1960 CJ-3B -- Bob Miksch's super-low-mileage Jeep in Ohio.

Jeeps at War in Angola -- Portuguese Army and Air Force fight insurgency, 1962-75.

1940s Aluminum Toy -- made during WWII from downed aircraft? (We now have the answer.)

CJ3B-01 -- is this mystery Jeep the first CJ-3B?

Willys Australia Serial Numbers -- 1,000 original CJ-3B factory records, 1958.

Things You Can Do With a CJ-3B -- dump box, bush hog, rock climbing and much more.

Mahindra CJ540 in Swaziland -- long wheelbase project and some nice scenery.

Royal Netherlands Air Force Jeep Ambulances -- 1962 helicopter medevac exercise.

Jeeps in Jonny Quest -- Doug Wildey's art for the classic animated TV series.

Naga Tribe Meets the CJ-3B -- headhunters in northeast India, circa 1956.

U.S. Army CJ-3B Still in Service -- parade Jeep at Ft. Leonard Wood.

Toledo Jeep Fest 2018 -- new in the Willys Event Reports section.

CJ-3B at a Vintage Trailer Rally -- Larry Shank takes us along to a big trailer event.

Homemade High Hood Gets Turbo Diesel -- Glen Plumridge's project in Australia.

Willys Mystery Photo -- we visit the spot where the photo was taken in 1962.

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