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Here are some of the articles featuring CJ-3Bs, which have appeared in automotive magazines over the past five decades. Some of the olders ones are taken only from clippings, so any further information on the source of the articles is welcome.

Jeep Action"Vaughn's Collection" -- a look at Vaughn Becker's CJ-3B in Australia, from Jeep Action, March-April 2018.

Jeep ActionHigh Hoods Make Jeep Action Cover -- photos from the annual Camp Coffs Jeep Weekend in Jeep Action, May-June 2017.

Tom McCahill"MI Tests The New Jeep" -- classic review by by Tom McCahill in Mechanix Illustrated, February 1954.

4x4"100 Coolest Cars" -- a CJ-3B illustrates the choice of the Jeep CJ as #29 on the list of the "100 Coolest Cars" of all time, in Automobile magazine, October 2004.

Bushdriver"Willys Loses its Way" -- a well-written short history of Willys in the 1940's and 50's by James Rorrison, from the Australian 4WD magazine Bushdriver, Vol.19 No.4, 1997.

Cover"Endurance: The CJ-3B Story" by Jim Allen -- the most comprehensive historical article on the American-built Willys CJ-3B, from Jp magazine, April 2000.

Original"Original 1963 CJ-3B, Close-Up" by Jim Allen, originally published in Japanese in CCV (Cross Country Vehicles), Vol. 40, 2000.

CJ-4"The Missing Link: Discovering the Lost CJ-4", by Jim Allen, originally published in Jp magazine, June-July 1997.

Revisited"The CJ3B Revisited" -- hilarious but insightful look back at how the CJ-3B got its high hood, by Granville L. King, from Pickup, Van & 4WD magazine, July 1981.

4x4"High Hood" -- John Carroll came up with some great photos from his archives to illustrate this big 50th anniversary article in 4x4 magazine, August 2002.

High Hood High Jinks"High-Hood High Jinks" by David Freiburger, 4 Wheel & Off Road, December 1995. -- "If you own a CJ-3B it better be good."

Title"My Turf, My Jeeps" -- profile of the late John Ittel in Ohio and his three farm Jeeps, in Antique Power, "The Tractor Collector's Magazine," Nov/Dec 2009.

Yipao"Willys still popular in Colombia" -- "Willys nog steeds zeer geliefd in Columbia" -- photos of the Yipao festivals, from the Dutch magazine 4WD & SUV-Auto, February 2009.

M606"Tall Hood Jeeps" -- Steve Turchet writes about ghosts, junkyards, and the history of the military M606 Jeep, in Military Vehicles Magazine, June 2006.

Old Iron"Old Iron Never Dies" by John Lawlor, Off Road, November 1984.

Page 1 (160K JPEG) -- "A '61 CJ Goes to the movies."
Page 2 (170K JPEG) -- "bodywork was especially designed for the Automobile Club of Southern California"

Old Iron"Old Iron" -- two columns by Jim Allen from Off-Road Adventures magazine: July 2003 celebrating "50 Years and Counting: The Legendary Jeep CJ-3B," and November 2004 featuring a Mitsubishi CJ3B-J3 from Japan.

Jeep World"History of the Jeep, Part Six: The CJ-3B" -- we have the opening two pages of this article by Mark Askew, from Jeep World, January 2001.

Issue 48Jeepbladet -- halfcab hardtop, woody hardtop, fire Jeep and more, from the magazine of the Willys Jeep Klubb of Sweden, Issues 37-48 (1996-2001).

Hot Rod Jeep"Hot Rod Jeep" by Don Emmons.

Page 1 (170K JPEG) -- "the color scheme is Candy Lime Green and dark green"
Page 2 (150K JPEG) -- "289-cubic-inch Ford fits quite well"
Page 3 (150K JPEG) -- "addition of the rear wheel-well extensions"

Stainless"Matinee Idol" by Tony C. Duarte, February 1968.

Page 1 (120K JPEG) -- "Introducing our shining star"
Page 2 (130K JPEG) -- "its body must be worked on with special carbide stainless steel tools"

MahindraCJ3B-J4 Jeeps in J4 Magazine -- excerpts from a magazine in Japanese devoted entirely to the Mitsubishi military CJ-3B.

Stainless"The Mahindra Jeep", by John Carroll, originally published in Jp magazine, November 1997.

Uday"Jeep Junkie" -- Uday Bhan Singh and his collection of 45 Jeeps, from Autocar India magazine, September 2008.

Mahindra"Born in Toledo, Raised in Bombay" by Michael L. Cook, Special Interest Autos #170, March-April 1999.

Opening Illustration (40K JPEG) -- "Born in Toledo, Raised in Bombay"


Thanks to Wes Kibble, Danny Hartling, John Hubbard, Dan Fedorko, Stig Edqvist, and all the other contributors. -- Derek Redmond

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