"High-Hood High Jinks"

by David Freiburger


This article from the December 1995 issue of 4-Wheel & Off-Road magazine is a close look at a Jeep that had already been making a name for itself on the trails, and in fact is still going strong in 2023, and will be for sale early this year. It was built from scratch by Tom "Tomcat" Telford, well-known as a Jeeper in the Pacific Northwest, and as an engineer with Warn Industries. It even appeared in a magazine ad (330K JPEG) for Warn winches. This Jeep was a chance for Tom to use his experience to customize every detail, and the result is a true example of "form follows function." I will overlook the use of the word "ugly" here; maybe that joke was less tired in '95 than it is now!

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Thanks to author and photographer David Freiburger. The current owner of this Jeep, Dave Logan, will be putting it up for sale in April 2023. -- Derek Redmond

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