"Jeep Junkie"

by Joy Chaudhuri

UdayUday Bhan Singh and his collection of 45 Jeeps were featured in the September 2008 issue of Autocar India magazine, and he certainly deserved the recognition for his dedication to preserving Mahindra and Willys Jeeps in India, and helping others to do the same. -- Derek Redmond

Uday commented on The CJ3B Bulletin Board: "I had been shy of any media exposure as my journey with Jeeps started about forty years back as a simple 'hobby'. With years passing by, the hobby turned into a 'passion'. This time my grown-up sons insisted I give an interview, and in the middle of monsoons, somehow managed to pull out some of my babies and line them up in my garden house where they live with me and my family.

"The present day status is 'way of life'. My day begins with Jeeps and end with Jeeps only, apart from the five hours I work with my wife Atima in running her own school also located within our compound. I have a small workshop where we work only on our Jeeps with a team of six mechanics. Since there is no time limit, the atmosphere is like a studio where each one is busy creating something or the other, as long as it is Jeep related.

"I wish to work for this cause till the last day of my life. My family supports me fully, and I am very lucky and comfortable, for which I thank God and all my well-wishers." -- Uday

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