A 3B and a Shack:
More Photos

by Rich Mylar

Here are some more pictures from Rich's photo albums, to go with his story of A 3B and a Shack. They show the Jeep and the shack in the early 1970's, including the big cedar used for the shakes on the roof of the "grand entry hall." -- Derek Redmond

Rich Mylar Photo
If Joe thought there was even a remote chance of going somewhere in the Jeep he would wait for hours in the rain rather than being left behind.

Rich Mylar Photo
As you can see the road into the shack gets rather soupy in the spring.

Rich Mylar Photo
The now-gone fire watch tower on top of Saddle Mountain. Joe can hardly be seen on the landing under the trap door.

Rich Mylar Photo
Here is a red cedar snag I tripped off for the shack. It was killed by the huge forest fire that passed though this area back in 1910. This shot is taken from the Jeep road that goes up the side of the mountain.

Photo by Rizzo
These red cedar snags are very dangerous to fall because they are dry and barber chair easily, not to mention that they are always rotted out in the center. Another dangerous thing is that the top can break off as the tree goes down, hence the name widow-maker.

Shack before
Here I am, splitting shakes from the red cedar for the roof of the "grand entry hall."

Rich Mylar Photo
Chris driving the Jeep north across eastern Oregon in 1973. Yep, we had a teardrop like the Shanks.

Rich Mylar Photo
A nice shot of one of the cats and the 3B, fueled up and ready to roll out for the back roads.

Thanks to Rich for the photos. -- Derek Redmond

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