The Idaho Lakeview Mine:
More Photos

by Rich Mylar

My son and I made a trip back to The Idaho Lakeview Mine in 2005. The Forest Service had blocked the road and we had to hike in there. I shot a lot of digital pics of what was left 31 years after I first found this place. The then-and-now pictures here show the way the mine was back in 1974, and what was left after all those winter snows.

Rich scanned the old photos from his albums, and the recent ones are his digital photos -- click on them to see large copies which reveal the beautiful textures of history returning to nature. -- Derek Redmond

This photo of the stamp mill is from 1974. The silver ore was brought in above, and gravity was used to feed the stamp mill.

Here is a shot of the old stamp mill after thirty years had passed -- not much left. At the top you can see what is left of the ore car tracks.

The photo with the rifles was taken at a cabin a little ways from the mine. I'm the one with the camo bush hat, and my rifle standing tall on the hood of the Jeep. Kevin is the one in the center with the Stetson on, and Dickie is the one in the back of the 3B.

It had to be one of the very first buildings to go up at the mine; itwas made out of logs and the rest of the buildings were made from roughcut lumber. Nothing withstands the ravages of time and weathering.

Here is a shot of my 3B right after I bought it. This was taken on Apple Cider Hill in 1972. That is my wife Chris, and our cat Willy, and as usual I am behind the camera.

My son took this one, of your cerebrally-challenged author and surviving ex-tunnel rat, in 2005.

The last structure still standing at the mine in 2005. The outdoor privy does not look like it's going to last much longer.

A shot of what is left of the ore cart tracks to the tailing pile.

Thanks to Rich for the photos. See also his story of The Idaho Lakeview Mine, the first in a series of "Jeep Stories From the Northwest." -- Derek Redmond

See the site report on environmental cleanup at Lakeview, from the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

See a topographic map of the area with a 1-square-mile grid, at Topozone.

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