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Jeeps in India: Mahindra & Mahindra -- history and photos from India.

The Streets of India -- photos by Ed Bee and Jeff Spencer.

Jeeps of Ladakh -- in the foothills of the Himalayas.

The First Popemobile -- Pope Paul VI in Bombay, 1964.

Dalai Lama Escapes in a Jeep -- dramatic arrival in India from Tibet, 1959.

Willys Rescue in India -- Davistine Liddle finds a king's former hunting Jeep.

Military Jeeps in India -- Army and Air Force restorations.

Mahindra Jeeps at War -- India-China War of 1962, and more.

Military Jeeps in the Congo, Part 8: Indian Contingent -- peacekeeping 1960-1964.

High Hood Lifeguard -- a day in the life on a Goa beach.

Mahindra CJ540 in Swaziland -- long wheelbase project and some nice scenery.

Naga Tribe Meets the CJ-3B -- headhunters of northeast India circa 1956.

Mahindra 1972 Jeeps -- great catalogue illustrations.

The Legends Live -- Mahindra marketing tales from Europoe, the USA, and downunder.

Timeless Mahindra -- coffee table book on Jeeps in India.

The Worst Car in the World? -- Top Gear evaluates a Mahindra.

Ex-Indian Army Jeep -- 1970 Mahindra CJ-3B has a new life.

Jeep Junkie -- portrait of Uday Bhan Singh in Autocar India magazine.

Mahindra Jeeps in the UK -- imported circa 1990-95.

Mahindra CJ340 "Indian Brave" -- restoration in England.

The Mahindra Jeep -- "Mad Hilda" and the Jp article by John Carroll.

Mahindra Roxor Brush Trucks -- in "Fire Service Jeeps".

Importing Jeeps Into North America -- it can be done.

Mahindra Jeeps in Australia -- the short-lived Stockman and Bushranger.

High Hood Updated -- the 1987 Mahindra Bahia.

1991 Mahindra CJ340 -- Bahia in Belgium.

Mahindra Owners and Photos from India -- early and recent models.

Mahindra Owners and Photos from Europe -- the UK, Italy and more.

Mahindra Trail Ride -- offroad near Hyderabad.

Mahindra Jeep in Macedonia -- rare export CJ-4.

Yugoslav Army Jeep -- 1966 Mahindra CJ-3B.

Mahindra CJ-3B Drawings -- dimensions and sketches from Yugoslavia.

Tragic Willys Romance -- Dharmatma (1975) is a Bollywood Godfather remake.

Love Song in a Jeep -- from the classic Bollywood film Aradhana (1969).

More Bollywood Jeep Songs -- there are a lot of them.

Mahindra Jeep Stunts -- in the film Alluda Mazaaka (1995).

Mahindra Police Jeeps -- in Bandit Queen (1994), a true story.

Ezhunnallathu (India, 1991) -- classic Jeep, not-so-classic movie.

Road, Movie (India, 2009) and Mother Teresa (1997) -- more Jeeps in India.

Septem8er Tapes (2004) -- Afghanistan or India?

Fishing for a Mahindra -- QuickTime video of a wet Jeep.

Elsewhere on the web, see the forum at Mahindra IG Austria, and the Mahindra Jeep Owners Australia Facebook group. The Mahindra Register in the UK appears to be no longer in operation.

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