Mahindra CJ-3B Drawings


These sketches and dimensional drawings are taken from the 1971 Yugoslav National Army manual All-Terrain Vehicle, 4x4, Jeep, CJ-3B (140K JPEG). The 372-page manual covers "Description, Handling, Maintenance and Repairs" of Mahindra Jeeps manufactured in India for the Yugoslavian armed forces.

The original source of the drawings is not clear -- does anyone recognize them? Some of them include the steel hardtop which may be unique to the Yugoslav military Jeeps. Otherwise there don't seem to be any military features, so the drawings may be based on illustrations from Mahindra. Since they're different from the other CJ-3B Drawings we have on the website, I thought I should make them all available.

Dimensions are in millimeters.

Thanks to Mihael for scanning the drawings. See also his Yugoslav Army Jeep. -- Derek Redmond

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