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Ron RobinsonNorth Yorkshire, UK

When a classic car dealer in the UK acquired an almost-brand-new CJ340 in 2017, Ron snapped it up. He comments, "I am not regarded as normal when it comes to modes of transport in England. My Jeep is in fact an Indian Mahindra CJ340 ('Indian Brave'). It's 27 years old, right hand drive, and done approximately 500 miles -- the last 250 by me as a shakedown run.

"At the moment I am fitting the soft top which might have been fitted in the past but looks very very new. This Jeep could at approx. 500 miles be the lowest mileage CJ-3B in the world -- it has never been out in the rain. What do I do -- drive and enjoy, or preserve as an icon? Not really my style, but hey, there cannot be too many out there. The CJ was purchased from a private collection by a dealer. I saw the 'for sale' advert the day it was posted -- a quick 500 mile round trip and it was mine."

Note: as of 2020, Ron has advertised it for sale. See Mint Mahindra CJ340 For Sale in the UK on CJ3B.info.

Mite Tashev, Macedonia

17-year-old Mite and his father in Macedonia have owned this long-wheelbase Mahindra for 11 years. The 1970 Mahindra CJ-4, built in Bombay, was originally exported to Yugoslavia. For economy, the F-head engine was replaced with a Ford Sierra 2.3 Diesel, although there were only 7500 miles on the Hurricane.

See more photos of this Mahindra Jeep in Macedonia on CJ3B.info.

Paolo Armando, Italy

Paolo, in Chiari, Italy writes, "Finally I bought her -- a Greek-assembled Mahindra CJ-4D, nicknamed 'CJ3B and half' (see a side view photo, 80K JPEG). She is registered in Italy as a 'truck two places' (see the interior, 80K JPEG); this means that rear cargo bay must not be used for carrying personnel -- this is verboten in Italy. The engine is a Peugeot Diesel Indenor XDP88 (80K JPEG), displacement 1948 cc. Chassis number MAB540DPDJ0231990.

"Working in my garage I have found the fuel tank fasteners are in stainless steel, otherwise rust is everywhere. At the moment I have plans to sanblast the tub and repaint in Navy Grey. The little boy is a young helper!" (80K JPEGs).

Kevin Thomas, West Midlands, UK

Kevin Thomas says, "My Jeep is a 1994 Mahindra Indian Brave. Mods include full disk brake conversion, Willys wings (fenders), blackout taillamps (210K JPEG), body lift, Superwinch overdrive, Bestop roof (130K JPEG), basic dash, old-school roll bar, tow hooks on bumper for A-frame, loud paint work, Saab leather electric seats in front, Wrangler rear with Jeep script, Lucas single wipers."

See also a photo taken when Kevin was just starting the work (120K JPEG).

John Carroll, West Yorkshire, UK

John sent some new photos of Mad Hilda, his 1989 Mahindra CJ340, now with Willys fenders, grille and hood. It's seen here with another Mahindra he painted pink for a young lady (see CJ-3Bs on Show in Europe on CJ3B.info) in a photo taken close to where John lives in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

See more photos of Mad Hilda with John's article on The Mahindra Jeep, from Jp magazine.

Keith King, East Anglia, UK

Keith King's long-wheelbase Mahindra was one of the first to appear on CJ3B.info, back in the 1990's. As of 2009, he writes, "It has now been reworked to loosely resemble an M606, and boasts the highest mileage of a Mahindra Jeep in the UK, having covered 100598 miles (that's around the clock and 598 miles and counting.) It recently made a trip to a local airstrip to pose with a 1944 Piper Cub (140K JPEG) at the wake/funeral of its owner Ted Cundy, who had fully restored the spotter plane. See also a rear view photo (140K JPEG)."

When Keith sent the original photo (60K JPEG), he said, "I have owned and used this CJ-4 for the last ten years (since new): made in India, assembled in Greece, purchased in the UK. OK, it had its teething problems, but after bolting bits back on that fell off (mostly Mahindra add-ons I must say), it has been a really good friend and a lot of fun, often mistreated and abused, seldom looked after, but always ready to do whatever was asked of it, offroading, towing, and generally being an everyday runabout.

"The tired old 2 litre diesel commited sewercide at 94,000 miles, prompting me to fit a Ford Granada Scorpio 2.5 litre diesel engine from a donor vehicle. This dropped in with very few mods, apart from flywheel and starter differences, leaving all the original clutch, gearbox and drive train. The difference the extra .5 litre has made is astounding: it always was quite nimble but now it's a real beast."

Geoff Hall, North Devon, England

A few years ago, Geoff wrote, "This is slowly becoming an M606. It may be a 1994 Mahindra but when I have finished doing what I'm doing to it, the only difference will be its diesel engine (although I have asked Mahindra the availability and cost of an F-Head and gearbox). Oh and as I like some comforts I am leaving the heater in. The seats are next. The canvas hopefully will come from Beachwood but the hoops and fixings I can get here in England."

As of late 2006, Geoff says, "Here is a photo of my two boys driving my 'utilty 4x4' around our field in England. It started off life as a Mahindra but I changed so much of the vehicle in my quest to have a M606 type. This included an F-head 134 and T90 from Indianapollis, coupled with a Warn OD from Herm, all steering gear for LHD from Kaiser, Walcks, Jeep Dr and others, when the Dollar/Pound was in my favour. And parts from Jeep suppliers here in England, mainly TS Autos. I have kept the 4.88 diffs and use 750/16 bar grips. It is a joy to drive -- will do 60+ but 50 is really comfortable. And the fact is our licencing dept. says that I cannot call it a Mahindra any more, or the trade name Jeep, so I registered it as a 'Utility 4x4.'"

Kiffer Sell, England

Kiffer has replicated an Indian Army version in his restoration of a Mahindra Jeep in the UK: "Actualy it's an Indian Brave which I have converted to as near possible a copy of an Indian military Jeep, with parts sent to me by Sri Srivardhan, and copies of parts photographed by Sri."

See also nice photos of the rear view and the interior view (100K JPEGs).

Mike O'Connor, England

"My model is the extended 'Chief' version, an elongated version of the Brave. The engine (see a side view, 80K JPEG, and top view, 70K JPEG) is the French Peugeot XDP.4 Diesel lump fitted to most Mahindras imported into the UK. I have recently converted the front drum brakes to discs using Suzuki SJ discs and British Leyland Rover calipers. The improvement in braking efficiency is remarkable... it now stops in a straight line :)"

See also a front view (80K JPEG).

Wayne Waymo, England

Jane wrote, "We use the Jeep (1991 Indian Chief) mainly for offroad driving but also use it on the roads as well. Wayne recently built the rollcage himself. The picture was taken a few weeks ago in North Wales, the weekend of England's first match in the World Cup -- hence the flag! Hopefully we will be able to do some more serious offroading in the near future, once we have a winch, as at the moment we only have the Hi-Lift."

Jane Waymo, England

"Finding your site useful as ever, just thought I'd send you a photo of my Mahindra, now I've got my own."

Sad update: we were very sorry to hear that Wayne and Jane have lost both these Jeeps in a fire (120K JPEG).

Alan Marshall, England

"I am the proud owner of a Mahindra CJ340 (3B in disguise). I would be interested in hearing from others who own a Mahindra, particularly in the UK. I would also like to hear from anyone who can get parts, knows of conversions, and takes theirs offroad. I take mine in the mud (120K JPEG) as often as possible. It's getting more and more modifications as time goes by and money allows. I also use mine daily for the commute to work."

Glenn Carmad, Dartford, Kent, England

"I bought my Mahindra just for off-roading; it has replaced my 3.0 ltr. Land Rover and I must say I'm pretty impressed! I bought this little beauty for £650 -- can anyone tell me if I paid over the odds or not? I took it offroading on Sunday in West Kingsdown and apart from getting totally muddy (due to no roof) and the Mahindra being a bit low (kept grounding out) I was impressed with the old girl. I'm now thinking of jacking her up 2 inches and possibly getting some bigger wheels."

Martin Gliddon, Leamington Spa, England

"'DR.X' (Mahindra CJ540) completed its first road trials since its major refit, and posed today (April 2002) for the first photos. I bought 'DR.X' for about US$350. Built in 1990, genuine 41k mileage, and the only rust is on the windscreen. The doors by the way are re-fabricated stainless steel as the original canvas ones fell to pieces.

"Over here the scene is dominated by Land Rovers, most of whose owners don't believe that any other form of 4x4 has the right to exist. Pity, they seem to forget that the original Land Rover was a Jeep chassis with a Rover engine and British styled panels. Jeeps have a great following here and come second in the tables, but the thing about Jeep owners is that they recognize and applaud the "clone" varieties as if they were original. If it's a Jeep, no matter where it was built, it's a Jeep, seems to be their motto."

See also a side view (60K JPEG).

Guy Lecocq, Aywaille, Belgium

"It's a '91 model, with an Indenor XD-90 diesel engine. I am now searching for a complete soft top, because winter is coming and I only have a bikini top! In Belgium, one finds NO parts for Mahindras. They were only sold here briefly at the beginning of the 1990's. I find some mechanical parts from Peugeot or Ford (Granada)."

See more details on Guy's unusual BMW blue 1991 Mahindra CJ340, on CJ3B.info.

Peter Ciesielski, London, England

"It's a 1990 Indian Brave model; with subtle mods I think it looks the biz. For 500 it was a steal! It's by far the most basic (read crude) vehicle I've ever owned, especially compared to my everyday car -- a Jaguar Sovereign! Still, I love the old beast and I can't wait for the summer."

Andy Hunt, Peterborough, England

"It's not a CJ-3B, but as you have pictures of Mahindra CJ-5-type Jeeps in India I also thought you might like a picture of one outside its natural habitat."

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