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Sreejith Chengazhassery, Kerala, India

"It's a 1970 Willys (as per government records) and I bought it in 2017. It was reconditioned by an enthusiast who ran an event management company, and this Jeep carried many brides and bridegrooms at weddings.

"It now sports a 1996 Mahindra CJ500 engine, 4+1 speed transmission and running gear. The mechanic also added a power steering unit salvaged from a wrecked Tata Sumo."

See also a photo with the soft top installed (250K JPEG).

Donly Ford Thangkhiew, Shillong, India

Donly's Mahindra is in the hill country of Shillong. The former Indian Army Jeep still retains blackout lights and headlight guards, as well as brackets for a pick-axe head on the left front fender and its handle on the cowl. As of summer 2017 Donly has replaced the old tires and wheels which came with the Jeep.

Donly Ford Thangkhiew, Shillong, India

Donly wrote in 2018 to say, "This is another one. This is my Mum and Dad's first family vehicle. Found this again more than a decade after it had been sold off to a careless cousin and he sold it to another farmer. It was emotional when I found it lying rusty and restless in a garage, bought it back, started restoring from scratch. Glad that it's coming back home. This is a tribute to my father, my mother and the Indian Army. It's a link to the past for us."

Amit Pal Singh, India

"My story began in 2014 when a friend informed me of an government auction. I dropped everything and rushed over but the stock yard didn't show much promise as no CJ-3B could be seen. Well as the auction progressed one came up and was mentioned as an 1983. Was determined not to go home empty so I bid for it, lots of stares all around (bidders had not even seen or knew if it existed.) A few bids were exchanged and I was now owning a CJ-3B.

"When I did finally see the CJ-3B it was in a clump of bushes with everything piled up! The first thing that caught my eye was the Jeep grille with two perfectly clear headlights looking back, and I was hooked.

"Over the past years I have painstakingly restored the diesel Jeep. My wife, daughters, friends, family (240K JPEG) and a few good Samaritans have helped us paint, fix, mend and bring it together. My mother grew up in Rajasthan with her dad (my grandfather) as a government official, and had fond memories of Jeeps of all types from MB to CJ's on trips, treks and hunting.

"Best surprise was when I received the title, it turned out to be a 1973 Jeep! it just made my day. It's a work in progress (240K JPEG) and I would like to get it ready for next year's vintage rally, but after a few off-road adventures." See also a left side view (200K JPEG) and a rear view (180K JPEG).

In early 2017, Amit sent pictures of the Jeep in its new red paint (above) and at an event with the Vintage Club (320K JPEG).

Sabareesh Moorthy, India

"I am a proud owner of a 1986 Mahindra CJ500D 4x4. It's essentially a stretched CJ-3B with a B275 Diesel engine, 3-speed T90 Gearbox and Spicer T18 transfer case. In 1967 Mahindra stretched the CJ-3B by 10 inches making a 91" wheelbase. It was powered by the F4-134 Hurricane (2187cc 75BHP 15.5Kgm@2000rpm).

"In 1974, Mahindra introduced the B275 (2350CC 38BHP 12Kgm@1400rpm) International Harvester Co. tractor engine on the CJ-4A and called it the CJ500D. I procured mine from a Forest Department surplus auction in Mumbai. These Jeeps were a mainstay of most government fleets. Though it is extremely slow on the road it is very rugged and reliable off the road."

See also a nice left side view (150K JPEG) of the CJ500D.

Budhaditya Majumdar, Calcutta, India

"I was a long time fan of CJ3B.info, and I now own one. This was a Bihar (India) Police Jeep which took birth out of the Mahindra & Mahindra assembly line in 1987 with an MD2350 International engine and still has got the same, but I have done some body work. Initially the front axles were missing and those were replaced by Uday Bhan Singh from Howrah (West Bengal)."

Sudeesh Yezhuvath, Bangalore, India

Sudeesh purchased this 1967 Mahindra in November 2010 from previous owner H.B Vivek (110K JPEG) who had built up the Jeep from its stock condition (30K JPEG) to what is seen in a rear view (200K JPEG). Elsewhere on the web, see Vivek's blog of the 1967 CJ-3B Restoration.

Zahid Amir, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India

Our friend Uday Bhan Singh in India sent some photos recently of a Mahindra Classic belonging to Zahid Amir in Port Blair, capital of the Indian territory of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in the Baay of Bengal. Uday said, "He is a diehard Jeep fan, and his CJ-3B is a 1974 model with petrol engine. Let me know your views of this youngster's work in restoration."

When we heard from Zahid himself, he wrote, "The restoration project took 2.2 years. I bought it for 17k in pitiful condition, rebuilt/overhauled the entire mechanical system, rebuilt the tub, and changed all the electrical parts. Mr. Uday Bhan Singh helped me a lot in the restoration project. He supplied many important spares/parts, but never asked for a single penny. Hard to find person like him."

Nice work by both Zahid and Uday. See some scenic photos taken from the left front view and rear view (100K JPEGs).

S. Srivardhan, Chennai, India

"My Jeep is an army model CJ3B, right hand drive version, Indian military specs. It is O.D. colour, with black out lights, side and rear grab handles, tow hook, jerry can and mesh grille. It has a removable canvas top."

See an interior view (60K JPEG) and a rear view (60K JPEG). See Jeeps in India for photos with the top down.

Chengappa, Coorg, India

This owner simply wrote "I am Chengappa from Coorg and this is a CJ-3B made by Mahindra & Mahindra in India." In fact this left-hand-drive Mahindra appears to be in nice original condition, and is in fact very close to an original Willys CJ-3B, although it likely has a diesel engine. The dashboard plate (50K JPEG) carries a serial number beginning with 8105, which initially suggested this may have been a Kaiser vehicle imported and assembled in India, but the rest of the number (and the date 1986) soon dispelled that idea.

The dashboard (70K JPEG) includes a glove box and a handy storage tray, and a T-handle emergency brake mounted below the dash. See also a rear view photo (40K JPEG) showing Hall-style taillights.

Vikas Bhasin, Goa, India

Vikas Bhasin of the Club Mahindra Varca Beach Resort on the golden beach at Goa in southern India, drives this beautiful 2000 Classic, and says, "It is an excellent Jeep with great off-roading capabilities; I have maintained it very well and use it only on weekends."

Sanjay Vatsa, India

Sanjay Vatsa's Jeep also looks like a Classic now, but he says, "It's an Indian Army Jeep CJ340 picked up from an auction and redone by Manohar Singh Rathore in Jaipur, Rajastan, India. I have had the Jeep for the last 3 years and use it for going to work and weekend recreational activities. It has a 2200cc DI diesel engine that generates enough power to drive around in the city, on the highway and off-road. The 4wd is ideal for off-roading and we have done near crazy stuff.

"I find driving a Jeep as a 'state of mind'. Normally people in cities find it odd and give curious glances as you pass them. But all in all I would not trade it with another vehicle."

Manoj Nagpal, Bangalore, India

This is a 2000 Mahindra Classic: "I call my Jeep Lucky, coz I think he is lucky. Fate had it that one morning when I was to leave to Mumbaito pick up a Jeep I had negotiated to buy, Lucky came by and the next minute I jumped on the joy ride of my life.

"It has a Peugeot 2112cc diesel engine, and 4 speed transmissionbox with part time 4-wheel drive. I use the Jeep everyday to drive to work and back. On weekends I usually take it offroad with a couple of friends and believe it is capable of going where no two-wheel would ever dare to go."

See also a front view photo on the trail with some Suzukis (80K JPEG) and a rear view (50K JPEG).

Rahul Dubey, Bangalore, India

"After having spent 4 years hunting for a decentJeep, I came across this 2000 model Mahindra Classic, being sold unwillinglyby an Army gentleman. Have had the baby for almost ayear now, with a gearbox overhaul job as the only majorexpense."

See also a photo with the windscreen up (100K JPEG) and a rear view on the trail (120K JPEG) with the soft top up.

Anand Kumar, India

Here are pictures of one of the CJ3B Jeeps I have. I refurbish and sell them as they are getting very scarce around here. This particular one is a 1968 model which saw service as the superintendent of police Madurai's official vehicle. I got it from a person who used it for 18 years to haul tea leaves in the Nilgiris.

See also a side view photo (50K JPEG).

Rushabh Parekh, India

After several years of frequent off-roading around India (30K JPEG), Rushabh Parekh spent three years in the U.S. getting his MBA, and he says, "My family was very tempted to sell my CJ, but strict instructions on my part stopped them from giving it away to some lucky buyer. When I returned, my Mahindra had been sitting in one place for the last 3 years and was corroded beyond use (100K JPEG). I started the restoration project with the help of an authorised Mahindra workshop (90K JPEG). These guys really know their Jeeps and I have access to factory original parts and a highly skilled labor force (60K JPEG). After three and a half months of love, caring and attention (not to mention a lot of $$$) she is now back on the road and better than new!"

Some of the improvements:1. Recondition and strengthen chassis.2. New body and black paint.3. Stainless steel nuts and bolts.4. New soft-top and doors.5. Foam insulation in passenger compartment and engine compartment.6. 3-spoke, 15-inch alloys.7. New front and rear suspension.8. Chrome pipes; removed side steps.9. New electrical circuitry.10. Air conditioner.11. Extra gas tank.12. Air horn, with cutout.13. Mercedes Benz-style main horn.

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