1963-68 CJ-3B Owners and Photos

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1963 Owners' Photos
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1963 Featured Jeeps

Meet Floyd -- Alex Houle's '63 snowblower in Quebec

2015 New Hampshire Trail Ride -- Glenn Byron's '63

Goose on the Loose -- Mark Dulken's '63 in North Carolina

New Life For an Old Dog -- Nick Tsigounis' '63 in North Carolina

Late Model CJ-3B Restoration -- Doug Hoffman's '63 in Idaho

The Smokejumper -- Eric Johnson's '63

Wrapping a Jeep -- Jamie Powers' '63 in Texas

Family Rig -- Gerald Oswald's '63 in Pennsylvania

Mint '63 Wins Best in Class -- Ed Surjan shows the showroom '63

Showroom Original 1963 CJ-3B -- Adam Charnok's Treebark Brown find

Original 1963 CJ-3B, Close-Up -- Jim Allen photographs the unique Jeep

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1964 Owners and Photos, Page 2
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1964 Owners and Photos, Page 1
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1964 Featured Jeeps

An Oldtime Dream -- Ken Bushdiecker's '64 in Missouri

Growing Up in a Jeep Family -- Marty Hicks' '64 in Washington.

1964 CJ-3B in Desert Tan -- Alan DeLarge in California

Fred the Stretched 3B -- Barry Ogletree's '64 in Texas

Restoring My Father's Jeep -- Hector Ayala's '64 in Puerto Rico

US Army 1M 0599 -- Dan Walton's '64 in West Virginia

1964 U.S. Army CJ-3B -- Craig Carlile in California

You're in the Army Now -- Les Davis' '64 in Texas

Scratching the Flatfender Itch -- Steve Childers' '64 in Texas

CJ-3B in South Africa -- Simon Bruton's '64

Family Heirloom in Waco -- Robert Smith's '64

1964 Willys CJ-3B -- Joel Rivas in El Salvador

High Hood Sport Model -- Brett Chitwood's '64 in Indiana

1964 Canadian Kaiser CJ-3B -- Alex Houle in Quebec

1964 U.S. Navy CJ-3B -- Joe Caprio's award-winner

Ancestor of the Hummer -- Joe Notte's '64 in Pennsylvania

Hunting in Texas: A Good Dog and a Late-Model B -- Larry Ford's '64

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1965-68 Owners and Photos
(22 Jeeps)

1965-68 Featured Jeeps

Ron Hattner's '64Last CJ-3B Sold Stateside? -- Dean Lachasse's '65 in California

Texas High-Hood History Restored -- Chet Couvillon's '65

Ron Hattner's '64No-Nonsense Green Machine -- Stan Peterson's '65 in Washington

M606 in Argentina -- Luis Mariano Paz's '66

Ejercito Argentino 22071 -- Ricardo Romano's '67 M606

Ron Hattner's '64Kaiser M606 in Brazil -- restored as used by the Brazilian Army

Spartan Simplicity -- Osvaldo Bosch's 1966 M606

The End of the CJ-3B -- Carlos Amaduzzi's 1967 M606

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