No-Nonsense Green Machine

by Stan Peterson, Everett, Washington

Front view

This is a 1965 CJ-3B, serial number 8105 127602, that I towed to Washington from Montana. The two-year frame-off restoration began shortly after I got it home.

The 3B was all there, but like a lot of them, the floor boards were in bad shape. I cut out the rusted areas and filled the holes with the proper gauge metal. I then Armacoated the floorboards to cover the seams and waterproof the floor.

Rear viewMy one regret is that I had to put aluminum diamond plate on the rear corners, to cover a hole the previous owner ripped in it when he backed into something with the spare tire. Hopefully someday I can have that fixed and remove the corner plates.

Soft top onOther than the corner plates, the paint and the 3-leaf Rancho springs, it's completely original. I do plan on doing an 11" brake upgrade on it. Stopping safely is much more important than originality.

-- Stan Peterson

Thanks to Stan for the photos. Note: as of 2015 this Jeep belongs to Tony Bedolla. -- Derek Redmond

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