Matchbox Jeeps of the 21st Century

Annual reviews of new diecast toys from Matchbox


Matchbox 1998 Jeeps: Variations on Old Castings

Military flatfenders for Desert Storm and MASH. Also CJ-5 Jeep 4x4 playsets.

Matchbox 1999 Jeeps: The New One

The Wrangler joins the flatfender, CJ-5 and Cherokee.

Matchbox 2000 Jeeps: Camp Jeep

Flatfender missing from the Camp Jeep set. But lots of TJ's this year.

Matchbox 2001 Jeeps: Limited Edition Liberty

The big news was the Elvis Surrey.

Matchbox 2002 Jeeps: 50 States for 50th Anniversary

Aloha Hawaii Wrangler, police Liberty, fire chief Cherokee.

Matchbox 2003 Jeeps: Glow in the Dark Wrangler

Flatfender goes Osbourne, KJ and WJ go better with Coke.

Matchbox 2004 Jeeps: Concepts and Cherokees

Superfast 35th anniversary turns flatfender into street racer.

Matchbox 2005 Jeeps: Hitch 'n Haul Playsets

A good year also included Hurricane and Rescue concept vehicles.

Matchbobx 2010: '43 Jeep Willys

Including some more recent versions of the new flatfender.

Matchbox 2012-2014: Superlift Wrangler

New built-up JK Wrangler replaces the TJ.

Matchbox Does Jeeps in 2015

The Willys 4x4 pickup, Cherokee Trailhawk and a Jeep series.

Matchbox 2016 Jeeps

Big 75th Anniversary series, and a little bit of competition.

Matchbox 2017 Jeeps

New Gladiator concept and the return of the Compass.

Matchbox 2018 Jeeps

Breaking Bad and Jurassic World.

Matchbox Jeeps 2019-2021

New Willys Jeepster, Wagon, Wrangler JL, Renegade and more.

If Matchbox keeps releasing interesting Jeeps, we'll keep reviewing them here.-- Derek Redmond

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