Jeep vehicles and equipment...


"...cut costs and get more work done...in any industrial plant or business."

The pages reproduced here are excerpts from a 24-page Willys promotional booklet (Form #W-992-5) aimed at business and industry, which appears to date from the late 1950s. In the booklet, a group of businessmen discuss how Jeep vehicles solved their problems in the areas of:

The illustrations show a variety of Jeep models at work. By the way, it would be interesting to know who the "executives" in the photos actually are. Here are a few pages from the brochure; click on any page to see a larger version (100K JPEG).

CoverPipelineAssembly line
VehiclesProperty maintenanceEquipment
VehiclesFirst aid and fire protectionCommando, ambulance


Thanks to Michael Perry for scanning the booklet. -- Derek Redmond

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