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Here are the most interesting pages from a 24-page Willys promotional booklet (Form #W-992-5) aimed at business and industry. It dates from 1955, so it includes the new CJ-5 but not the Forward Control truck which was launched in 1956.

In the booklet, a group of businessmen discuss how Jeep vehicles solved their problems in the areas of:

Click on any page to see a large version (250K JPEG).

Cover It would be interesting to know who the "executives" in the cover photo actually were. Knowing how Willys Motors often got employees to pose for advertising photos, I guessed that's who these gentlemen might be, and I imagined a photo of them as Willys engineers (50K JPEG) using a slide rule and blackboard to work on spring design calculations.

Weather Transport of workers, equipment, even accident victims -- all in a day's work for Willys vehicles. Great photo of the Cargo-Personnel Carrier.

Power "We have to take power to the job nearly every day." The picture is a CJ-2A with air compressor.

Pipeline Creative use of the Jeep PTO for trenching, sawmilling, welding a broken pipeline, or winching a transformer up a pole. The CJ-3B with the welder uses the spare wheel on the side as a cable reel.

Assembly line Lifting and hauling. That load of cement blocks is pretty impressive, with the "levelling device" which allows the auxiliary forklift to travel over uneven ground.

Vehicles The "Jeep family" -- including one of the few advertising photos putting the CJ-5 and CJ-3B side by side.

Property maintenance Another unique photo: mobile 3-storey scaffolding mounted on a Jeep!

Winter "The Jeep can move loads of 2-1/2 tons." And a dump body for the Jeep pickup truck.

Equipment A quick summary of special equipment, including one you don't see very often -- a PTO-powered pump.

Vehicles More equipment including the forklift and a 3B-mounted snowblower. And specialized vehicles like the ambulances and fire engines.

First aid and fire protection This executive is concerned about quick ambulance and firefighting response. The photo of a CJ-2A Fire Engine is different than the ones seen in other publications -- it was probably taken at the Willys plant in Toledo.

Commando, ambulance More fire engine and ambulance photos not seen elsewhere. And the "emergency lighting tower."

Jeep Vehicle Specifications (210K JPEG) are on the final page.

Thanks to Michael Perry for scanning the booklet. -- Derek Redmond

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