Rebuilding an F-head Engine

by Eric Lawson

The finished engine

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I just got a 4F-134 engine back from the machine shop today. Addingup the receipts for parts, machine work and rebuilding/replacingeverything on the outside of the engine gave me a grand total of just over $1350 (ouch).

The bare block
This picture shows the block fresh from the machine shop.

This engine had more than its share of problems--bad cam, bad rod,bad oil pump. The bad cam added not only the cost of the cam, butthat of "grinding" the face of the lifter that rides on the cam. The bad rod added the cost of the rod, plus the cost of rebalancing the engine. The unrebuildable oil pump cost around $80.

The typical 4-134 (L or F head) engine would need 4 cylindersleeves, all new internal parts except cam & crankshaft, a valve job,rebuilding or replacement of ALL external accessories except the oilpump, the crankshaft ground, the flywheel resurfaced, a rebuilt pressure plate and a new clutch.

All the parts
Subtracting the "abnormal" stuff from the $1350, I would guess the cost for the "typical" rebuild would be around $1000. This price should be nearly the same for both the F and L head engines. If I were to have lucked out, and not needed the cylinders sleeved, the cost would have been around $800. All this assumes that I will assemble the engine myself.

This photo shows all the parts for this engine. -- Eric Lawson
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