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1966: Diego Bolasell

Many of the Jeeps on this page of late-model CJ-3Bs are M606 military versions in Argentina, and here's another one: "My name is Diego Bolasell from Argentina. I'm the owner of this M606 with serial number 8105 137727. I bought the Jeep two years ago, and now I'm painting it and repairing the engine."

1965: Drew Griner

You can see from the list of Surviving CJ-3B Jeeps that this Jeep with serial number 8105 127903 is one of the last CJ-3Bs sold domestically in the US.

New owner Drew Griner wrote in 2017, "I live in the San Simon Valley in Arizona. As far as I know this little gem has spent it's entire life in AZ. Pretty much original, runs great and is my new runaround vehicle of choice. The valley is approximately 130 miles long and 30-40 miles wide and there are 3 paved roads in the valley! Perfect place for a 3B to live don't you think? Here's a picture taken in my backyard.

"All I really know about the 3B is I purchased it from a gentleman in San Tan Valley who said he owned it for about two years. Prior to him it was owned by a gentleman in Goodyear AZ. Not sure before that."

1965: Harry Clark

"My name is Harry Clark and I was lucky enough to purchase what is titled as a 1965 CJ-3B in 2016. I have been able to trace it back to the eighties when the vehicle lived in Cape Coral, Florida. It then moved to San Angelo, Texas where it was purchased by the previous owner and used on a ranch for about 20 years until it developed an engine knock and has been parked under a tree for the last '7 to 10' years."

"It was apparently once green with a black windshield frame. Now red with lots of rust and dents (180K JPEG). Otherwise complete with a crappy tube roll bar with gun rack and wild looking bumpers front and rear. Warn locking hubs up front but don't seem to want to engage and disengage with much ease.

"No data plate under the hood but the title has VIN 57348 117914. The frame number (120K JPEG) stamped behind the battery box is 17914. Also stamped on right side frame (100K JPEG) in triangle formation is 7 547 15. The frame is very solid from what I can see.

"Is the Carter YF carb original to the 1965? I have read that they are not the easiest things to work on but very reliable if rebuilt correctly. I live in Corpus Christi TX (basically slightly above sea level) so the whole 'high altitude' thing won't be a problem for sure."

1967: Luis Mariano Paz

Luis in Argentina bought this beautiful '67 in 2016. It had been well kept by previous owners since being sold as surplus by the Ejercito Argentino, where it was used for parades and maneuvers.

See M606 in Argentina for more photos.

1965: Dean Lachasse

Dean lives in Santa Clarita, CA and has a 1965 3B which according to the Serial Number List, has the highest known serial number in the United States -- 8105 130085. Dean says, "It has the usual late 3B features like the rubber pedal pads and large horn button, etc. That was the primary factor in purchasing this one. It is bone stock and I plan to keep it that way because of its rarity."

See also photos from left front (160K JPEG) and left rear (160K JPEG).

Dean says, "The last six digits of the VIN tag on the firewall matches the 130085 which is stamped on the right side of the frame (80K JPEG) just above the front spring perch. It was amazing to see that late, six-digit number stamped on the right side of the frame! The engine number is lightly stamped -- the number is either 4J302929 or 4J392929.

"The original color was Empire Blue Metallic which was used from 1965-69. It was repainted a darker shade of blue metallic (closer to Nordic Blue used from '62-64). It has a bench seat and a Motorola alternator. I'm searching for a rear seat which is tuff to find."

More details and photos in Last CJ-3B Sold Stateside?

1965: Chet Couvillon

Chet, who lives in New Braunfels, Texas, completed a full restoration of this Jeep in 2010.

A few years before the restoration, Chet told us that "My grandfather bought this Jeep brand new in '64 or '65. We have been using it for hunting ever since. The body is in OK shape and the motor has a lot of original parts. I have learned more from CJ3B.info in one day than anybody in my family has known about this Jeep in the 30+ years we have owned it. Heck I didn't know it was a CJ-3B until I found the website. I just knew it was a Jeep like no other."

Here's Chet and the gang in the 2010 Comal County Fair parade.

See some old photos from the family album, and some beautiful shots from after the restoration, in Texas High-Hood History Restored.

1966: Marcos Muralha

This former Brazilian Army Jeep was retired in 1996 and restored by Marcos in 2005 in Rio de Janeiro, with military accessories including radio set, rifle rack, siren and two jerry cans.

See lots more photos of this Kaiser M606: A Jeep with Undisputed Attributes.

1967: Roberto Perón

Roberto is in Argentina, and his M606 built in March 1967 (see Kaiser Jeep 1960-67 Serial Numbers) is one of the last high-hood Jeeps produced in Toledo. As of 2016, only five of perhaps 800 subsequent CJ-3Bs, most of which apparently also went overseas as military aid, are on our list of Surviving CJ-3B Jeeps.

Roberto writes, "My congratulations to CJ3B.info for all your work that helps us to learn more about our vehicles. Here I enclose photos of my recent purchase. By the serial number 8105 139746 (160K JPEG) I think it would be the year 1967 and not 1968 as written in the documentation."

Roberto's photos show modifications including MUTT wheels and civilian taillights and the fuel pump and carburetor (160K JPEGs). But this rear view gives a good look at the original trailer electrical connector, pintle hook, and taillight recesses of the M606. The sand repaint may be authentic, because the Argentinian army did paint some M606s in sand, and sand/olive camouflage.

1967: Fernando Varela

As of 2011, Fernando in Brazil has completed another build-up based on a former Brazilian army M606. He says, "The Jeep was purchased at auction from the army, and a pile of parts. After 2 years in reform, it is finally ready. The mechanics are basically the original, with minor modifications: GM 2.5L 4-cylinder motor (70K JPEG), disc brakes on all four wheels, and power steering (50K JPEG)."

See also a rear view photo (50K JPEG)

There is a lot of muddy off-roading in Brazil, where Cara de cavalo or "horse face" is the affectionate term for the high hood CJ-3B. See also another action shot in the mud (50K JPEG).

1967: Fernando Varela

Fernando says, "Jeguinho is the name given to an animal like a donkey which is used for cargo in the northeast of Brazil. As it is a very strong animal I gave its name to my Jeep. In 1997, I was passing a junkyard when I saw a truck unloading several Brazilian Army surplus Jeeps. Immediately I saw the face of a CJ-3B with things piled on top of it. It seemed an ugly duckling but it winked at me and I had no doubt it was for me.

"It had no engine, and my initial idea was to use the engine and complete 4x2 drivetrain from an Opala. But when I disassembled the Jeep's axles I was surprised by the excellent condition of the parts. With the transmission it was the same thing. In collaboration with a mechanic I installed the engine of the Opala (GM 4-cylinder 2.5L). The result was excellent."

See photos of this former M606 in the mud (40K JPEG) and in the rocks (20K JPEG).

1965: Daniel Oldani

"M-606 bought in very good condition by my father in 1981 from Armada Argentina. Manufactured by Jeep Kaiser Corporation, painted olive-drab, with white letters; tires 7.50x16 military type, blackout lamp on left fender, reflectors and blackout covers at tail, pintle hook, soft top and hardware, seats, jerry can, plates on right side and Warranty stamped on left. It has been in my family from 1981, and I hope it will remain for many years with us.

The photo at Mesada Las Colmenas in Calilegua National Park, is from a trip I made driving from my home in Buenos Aires to northern Argentina, crossing the border with Bolivia and then returning, safely and tired (very)."

More photos of Daniel on the road in Argentina, the Jeep packed with gear: right side and rear view (240K JPEGs).

1967: Matias Castilla

"I have owned this M606 since 1987. It was originally sold by the ArgentineanArmy (like many others listed in your page) in August 1982. February 1967 is written on the dash plate (100K JPEG).I bought this Jeep when I was 17 years old (22 years ago); it was my first car and I learned to drive on it.

"Since then I've been working on its restoration. I rebuilt the engine (120K JPEG) and transmission, and painted it. That was about 10 years ago. Every year in the summer I go to the dunes. When I was younger I made many long trips to the south of Argentina, and I also went to Chile -- that is about 1300 miles from home. Now it's too much for my back...."

1965: Jerry McCown

Dave Jenkins sent in the photo of this Jeep in North Warren, Pennsylvania, owned by Jerry McCown. Dave says, "He has owned it since about 1967. He not only drives it on the road, but uses it to go up on a hill to service an antenna cable system."

This interior photo shows the defroster. The paint tag on the firewall lists Paint 222 and Trim 200.

1967: Eugenio Boiardi

Eugenio and his M606 are in the city of Tandil in eastern Argentina. Tandil is a word meaning "moving stone", commemorating the mysterious stone that apparently fell from the sky here on 29 February 1912.

The photo was taken at nearby Lago del Fuerte (Fort Lake). The statue in the photo is the Danish pioneer John Fulg who was an important figure in the early development of the area. He lived in Tandil from 1850 to 1875, when he returned to Denmark with a small fortune.

Eugenio's tires are Firestone 7.00x16's. The Jeep still has the radio antenna but no longer has the RT68 communications equipment. See the military nomenclature plate (190K JPEG) which reads "Truck Utility 4x4 M606" and shows a delivery date of October 1966.

"Muchas gracias for CJ3B.info," says Eugenio. "There are many CJ-3B fans living in different countries around the world, and in this website we can all learn more about these mechanical wonders."

1967: Carlos Amaduzzi

One of the last CJ-3Bs, this Jeep was built in February 1967 as production was winding down (see Kaiser Jeep 1960-67 Serial Numbers) and sent to the Argentinian military. Carlos has restored it as original, with a few minor changes including blackout parking lamps inspired by the Mitsubishi CJ3B-J4. See The End of the CJ-3B for detail photos.

1965: Alberto van Kooten

Alberto is in Buenos Aires, and his Jeep is another of the many CJ-3Bs exported to Argentina in the mid 1960s, most of them as militarized M606s. He has it registered as 1968 model, but VIN 8105130145 indicates it was built in December 1964 as a '65 model (see Kaiser Jeep 1960-67 Serial Numbers). Hurricane engine number 4J445804 is from the correct era but is enough out of sequence that we speculate it may have been switched with another Jeep while in military service (see the Serial Number and Engine Number List).

1965: Jorge Hedges

"After owning a couple of 4x4's, I finally decide to look for one of my favorites vehicles. The long wait was due to the fact that apart from the other hobby (Harleys), the Willys down here in Puerto Rico are expensive. I had to rid myself of one of my Harleys in order to fund the "Willys Project." After a long search (3 years, to be exact), I found my 1965 CJ-3B Mean Green Machine at a car dealer, about 2-1/2 hours from home.

"On the first ride, the engine and drivetrain felt solid, but the braking did not feel right. When I got home, the first project was a overhaul to the braking system. I replaced all cylinders, pads, repacked all wheel bearings, installed the front manual-locking hubs, emergency brake cable, and speedometer cable. Boy, what a change! The braking is now excellent, and the Jeep feels a lot looser regarding the new front hubs.

"Later on I also replaced the spark plug wires, sparks, distributor cap, front knuckle seals (which was done with a kit from Federal Mogul, great kit!) and some other miscellaneous stuff. Man, is it fun to drive around town! Future projects include PTO/winch assembly, overdrive, and halftop (it came with the full soft top, bows, and doors when bought), and refurbushing of the ventilating windshield (I have the frame, but have some parts missing, like channels and side brackets)."

Jorge also sent this rear view with the soft top on, and a right side view (100K JPEG). He has since restored a canvas half top and installed it: see a rear view and a side view (50K JPEGs.)

1965: Barry Cotton

Perhaps originally a foreign aid military Jeep, this '65 3B belongs to Barry Cotton in Vientiane, Lao PDR (Laos). He says, "The Hurricane engine has been replaced by a 1984 Toyota Hi-lux engine. For your information, parts are quite easy to obtain here in Vientiane and there are a large number of Jeeps; I have seen at least 20 CJ-3Bs. It is running very well and I am slowly making it better. Beats a new BMW anyday!"

1965: Luiz Felipe Santos

"I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I have a M606 which I restored recently. The serial number is 8105 130227 and the date of delivery is 1-65. In the dashboard data plate there are some other information including the Contract Number, which says: DA.20.113.AMC.03894T."

See photos from the left rear and rear view (40K JPEGs). Also a couple of nice action shots -- left front and front view (100K JPEGs) -- without the military detailing but with a hot-weather radiator overflow bottle.

1965: Jeff Loescher

Jeff is in St. Louis, but says, "My grandfather purchased this 3B on 9/3/64 from Sparks-Payne Pontiac Jeep Inc. in Lakewood, Colorado. He traded-in a '60 3B (Serial No. 57348-59111) for this 3B. It was handed to me in '79 and currently has 67,505 miles. It is in orginal condition with slight cosmetic modifications (roll bar, hi-back bucket seats, wheels and new blinker assembly)."

See also a driver's side photo (100K JPEG.)

1965: Stan Peterson

"This is a 1965 CJ-3B, serial number 8105 127602, that I towed to Washington from Montana. The two-year frame-off restoration began shortly after I got it home."

See more photos of Stan's No-Nonsense 1965 CJ-3B.

1966: Luis Mariano Paz

Luis lives in Buenos Aries, Argentina, and the Jeep is Argentinian military surplus. The Kaiser serial number is 8105137571, and the engine number is 4J449498. He says in Spanish, "In August of 1999 I found an M606 for sale and I liked the state that it was in. Thanks to CJ3B.info I decided to buy the Jeep."

See M606 in Argentina for more photos of this project, which Luis sold in 2016.

1968: Javier Carrion

The exact vintage of this late M606 is uncertain. Javier writes: "As far as I know this Jeep was sent to Spain around 1968 together with lots of used military material as "pay" for the establishment of USAF air bases in Madrid and Zaragoza. It was in active service in "El Escorial", towing a light anti-tank gun until 1983, then as a Driving School car for the soldiers. In 1987 it was de-commissioned and sold to me (still a good runner) in an army auction, for the incredible price of US$80 (that being a LOT of money for me, then a really-short-of-money student!). I stored the Jeep until I had the time and the money to restore her.

"After a year of hard work, over US$2500 spent, hundred of tools lost, a nearly lost girlfriend, some serious hammer blows on fingers, oxitorch burns, greasy black hands for the last 12 months, complaining neighbours, dozens of WD40 cans, and being fined for nearly everything fineable when the police caught me driving with the bare frame... I am proud to say that M606, SN 210564 is fully restored, registered, inspected, insured and back on the road (well, back on the off-road).

"It features a new F-Head Engine (50K JPEG). Yes, I said new. Here in Spain you can still buy a new F-head with all ancilliaries at 24 volts, for as little as $650. Brand new!

"It has the tranny rebuilt, rear axle reinforced, new transfer case, steering box, arm, joints, etc. etc. etc. Dual system 24V/12V (a nightmare to rewire!), and full combat rims/tires -- can run flat for 50 Kms. I am still restoring the fold-out windshield as it was broken and twisted probably due to a rollover. I have installed a temporary EBRO windshield. The rest of the bodywork was in average condition, so It was ready with some minor panel beating. I have painted her in the anti-reflectant Spanish Army Combat Green (which is the same as most western armies) and painted her SN on the hood with period stencils. See also a left rear view photo (60K JPEG).

"I drive her regularly to off-road events, where she outperforms nearly every Suzuki/Montero/Land Rover, to an extent that some new people have been infected by the Jeep bug. The funny thing is that civilian CJ3B Jeeps are really cheap over here, as the diesel version by EBRO was for sale up to 1990, and a running example with average mileage can be bought for as little as $1000 (not a restoration project, but a perfectly good vehicle only ten years old)."

For more on EBRO, see Jeeps in Spain on CJ3B.info.

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