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Josh Marcum

As of early 2023, Josh Marcum and his family are in Jamestown, Kentucky. Josh says, "I have had the '61 for several years and it has had lots of work done."

See also the CJ3B.info cover photo (480K JPEG) for April 2023, where Jeep is pulling Josh's '57 Lone Star Malibu (590K JPEG) with its Johnson 35 hp Super Sea Horse. The aluminum Malibu has some things in common with the CJ-3B, being a popular, modestly-priced runabout in the 1950s and early 60s (although with its fins it was a little more stylish than the 3B.) And like Jeep Corp., Lone Star was eventually bought up by Chrysler.

Kenneth Hester

Ken in Honey Creek, Iowa wrote in November 2020, "I purchased it in 1988. Sand blasted and primed it, and drove it a couple of times. It smoked so bad, I pulled the engine with plans of replacing it with more power, but that didn't happen. From 1989 to 2019 it sat outside on concrete. Lucky that it had an arctic top to help protect the interior.

"I completely took apart the body and drive train. Rebuilt components that needed it. 100% of seals and 95% of bearings replaced. Sand blasted and primed everything but the engine. Had the body primed and painted professionally. Put on the road about two months ago. I went from this (120K JPEG) to this, in roughly 10 months."

"The pulled engine sat outside also, with ports left open. I shake my head thinking back on it now. A complete engine rebuild I did last winter uncovered a frozen valve and broken rings that required a sleeve on one bore.

"By checking VIN 57348 87038 at Kaiser Jeep 1960-67 Serial Numbers, it shows November '61 production. Engine number on the head is 4J306771, which appears in Surviving CJ-3B Jeeps to be in the right range to be the original engine."

Chriss Manley

Chriss in Arkansas originally bought this as a parts donor for the restoration of his yellow '55 (see 1955 Photos) but he says, "After close inspection it wasn't so bad after all," and he decided to restore this one and sell the '55. Chriss is seen here with his son Josh. See also the before photo (150K JPEG).

This photo was on the CJ3B.info cover page for Chrisstmas 2021.

Unfortunately health concerns have meant that Chriss has now had to send the Willys to a new home.

Tom Olsen

Tom in Sioux Falls, South Dakota wrote in October 2020: "I purchased my 1961 CJ-3B a couple months back and have been working on it ever since. It suffers from some shoddy mechanical work and neglect over the years. All things considered, it does present rather well, though. The person I bought it from lives here in Sioux Falls; he purchased it in 1993 and it has been sitting in inside storage this whole time. I am in the process of upgrading a number of mechanical and electrical issues and hope to have it roadworthy in the near future."

Heiko Link

Here's a Swiss Army Jeep gone U.S. Army. Heiko sent these photos in late 2019 from Germany, where he has been cloning a U.S. Army CJ-3B from an early '61 which was one of a batch originally shipped by Willys to Switzerland. See the Swiss Army data plate (70K JPEG).

See more on Swiss Army Jeeps on CJ3B.info.

Henko says, "I live in a small village called Mehren, about 30 miles from Cologne. Since last year I own this Jeep with the serial number 57348-70712 and the engine number 4J-273682. Built in 1960, it was delivered to the Swiss Army. After being taken out of service, it changed hands several times and finally came to me. I have completely restored it in the last two years and prepared it according to the model of U.S. Army Jeeps. The original seats are currently being repaired."

Henko is not the only one to restore a Swiss Jeep as U.S. Army -- see for example Kristian Wachter's '56 and Jan Dušek's '59.

Zach Seifts

Zach is in North Carolina, and wrote in early 2018: "I'm the owner of what's titled as a 1960 CJ-3B. According to the numbers (SN 57348 69050) it looks like it's actually a 1961 model, but it has a government data plate (80K JPEG) on it that states it was delivered on September of 1960. I've had it for around a year now and have spent a lot of time getting it road ready. So far, I've replaced the fuel system, rebuilt the brakes, rewired it with relays and fuses, and replaced the front suspension."

"The Jeep itself is in great shape; the person who I purchased it from did a lot of work on it before they sold it to me. When I got it, I discovered it had a few issues with the Solex carb someone put on it, so I had to put in a fuel pressure regulator and got all of that sorted out. I do have a Carter YF for it that I'm in the middle of rebuilding and I'm planning on switching that out in the next month or so. Currently, it runs like a champ and I can't wait to take it out and enjoy cruising around the mountains a bit once the weather agrees with me.

"I'm a software developer by profession, so I'm using github to document my progress and keep track of what I'm working on."

Bill Wise

Here's an update that got lost: Bill wrote in 2012, "I live in western Massachusetts. The Jeep model is 57438, S/N 70801 with an engine number of 4J273972. It appears from your list that this may be a numbers matching Jeep. It also has a Kelly Cab model F-23-200P with a S/N of 221123.

"I have included a picture on the trailer (300K JPEG), before the renovations needed to support plowing in the winter. I needed to do a valve job to the F134 motor, clean and paint the cab, complete brake job including all new brake and gas lines, a new gas tank, battery, regulator, carb rebuild, repair of the period heater assembly including a new fan motor and repair of the heater core, and mounted a newer 4-way plow to it.

I reworked the rear fenderwell to extend the driver's seat back since I am a tall person and required more legroom. I have seen this done on several other Jeeps on the website."

Nidhin Kurian

Some early-60's Willys CJ-3B serial numbers are starting to show up from India, where the Jeeps were likely shipped incomplete for assembly by Mahindra & Mahindra. They often fall into large gaps in the CJ3B.info list of Surviving CJ-3B Jeeps, helping to confirm the assumption that a large number of these missing serial numbers in the sixties were exported. Engine numbers do not appear to be Willys numbers, so Mahindra may have been building Hurricane engines at that time.

This '61 has serial number 57348 79919P -- see the number stamped on the side of the frame (180K JPEG).

The Jeep belongs to Nidhin Kurian, who wrote in early 2017: "It was kept idle in a shed for more than 15 years, according to previous owner since 1997. I bought it in July 2016.

"It has original Hurricane engine, original body and tub. However, although the Jeep is left hand drive, the spare tyre is mounted on driver side, not sure how this happened. Another thing is the petrol tank cap is inside the cabin. It has bench seat, I think all CJ-3B in India had bench seat. Recently the generator/cut out set up was changed to 12v alternator. I still have those things with me.

"Your site CJ3B.info is very useful. Really inspired me when I was in dilemma whether to go for a CJ-3B or not. Also helped me many times to solve my problems, especially tech and tips section.

"I don't know much about the history of the Jeep. It is 1961 made, it was first registered at another India state -- Thiruchirappally, Tamil Nadu as a goverment vehicle. Then brought to Kerala where I live in 1973."

See some nice beach photos of the Jeep in 3Bs in the Sand.

Johannes Tanner

Johannes has repainted this original 6-volt Swiss Army surplus Jeep in Arena Yellow. He takes great photos while attending Jeep meets and car shows and Touring in the Alps with his partner Denise, from their home in Lucerne.

Jeff Hilty

"Here is my 1961 CJ-3B in Golden, Colorado. It has the original body parts except for the front fenders, but has the Buick 225 V-6 conversion (180K JPEG) along with Saginaw power steering and a tilt steering column.

"The Jeep also has a Dual-Matic overdrive, T-90 three speed, rebuilt, rear 19-spline axles with a Loc-Rite locker and front Selectro hubs. The suspension is a one-inch lift, Rancho springs with spring hanger areas reinforced. There is a rear auxiliary fuel tank that holds about 12 gallons. Up front is a Ramsey Rep 8000 winch and towbar. Favorite places to go Jeeping are Central City and Empire CO and Moab, Utah."

Inside, the speedometer cluster has been replaced. It has a VDO tachometer and a Sun-Tune oil guage underdash which works along with the oil pressure light. The round object over the heater switch is a skate core for a roller blade wheel that I thought would look cool there. Also, I made sheet metal panels to fit over the rusted floorboards and removed the undercoating.

Patrick Christopher

"This is my 1961 CJ-3B in Lewes, Delaware. I bought it in July, 2008 from Arkansas. It was from Oklahoma originally, I believe on a ranch or farm.It has a tow bar. The seller in Arkansas had owned it for about 6 months. When I bought it, it was a mess. It had no floors, needed a lot of body work, and was caked in red mud. It also didn't have what it needed to pass inspection and get tagged, such as a horn, turn signals, wiper, high-low beams (80K JPEG). It runs great."

See also a rear view photo and the Delaware Surf Fishing Vehicle plate (80K JPEGs).

Jim Sammons

"The tub was built in my garage; only the dash, fenders, hood, grille and frame are original. I built the roll bars and bumpers also. In fact I built everything on the Jeep and it's a real workhorse. This summer and fall we have had record rains in south Texas and this Jeep has been invaluable in my work."

See more photos of Jim's Oilfield Jeep.

Javier Alejandro Faoro Mijares

Javier Mijares in Caracas, Venezuela owns a 1961 CJ-3B with serial number 57348 73731 and engine number 4J280008, which according to our Serial Number and Engine Number List is probably the original engine. Javier has added a few items like new wheels, half doors, and lighting, and the Jeep also has a capstan winch (see a front view photo, 80K JPEG.)

Sam Kirkendall

"I am 17-year-old Sam Kirkendall of Seguin, Texas and these are pictures of my grandpa's 1961 CJ-3B. After his death in 1994 it sat unused and eventually deteriorated to a condition where it was not usable and didn't run. In April of 2002 my family told me it was a pointless project, but I began putting my own money from an extremely tight budget into it and installed a Solex carb, new sparkplug wires, and a new battery. With help from my cousins Will Scull and Rob Frets I got it running perfectly again.

"My Grandpa cut out a piece on the driver's side for easier entry and exit (see a left side photo, 120K JPEG.) Since the pictures were taken I talked my family into buying new tires and a gas tank after both started leaking, and I got the gas tank in succesfully.

"In January 2003, with help from Sloan Williams and Darren Peters, we installed an alternator, KC lights, and gave it a new paint job ourselves, using Massey Furgeson red tractor paint that cost about $50. I got all the tips and instructions on how to do this from CJ3B.info. We use it all over our ranch hunting and doing chores, and despite hard off-road use, have only gotten it stuck twice. It has beaten newer trucks with much bigger tires off road, and seems able to creep through anything in 4-low. The odometer has 27500 miles on it."

David Barfield

David in Texas now owns this Jeep which was originally painted Arena Yellow. He says, "I have rebuilt the transfer case (bad cluster gear and bearings), brakes, and added some temporary ugly but comfortable seats. I have it street legal and compete with my wife on driving it on the weekends.

"I have also replaced the rims and tires with larger ones with chrome rims that I had in the garage to increase my speed without damaging the engine, then temporarily added a winch to help with work in the back pasture. I would like to locate a set of original seats with brackets, and rims. Other than these few changes the Jeep is the same as it was when I bought it from Eddie Stephens in Farmington NM. I plan to repaint to the original yellow when time permits."

Clifton Clark

Clifton is in Richmond, Kentucky, He says, "My father purchased this new in '61 in Puerto Rico. It was on the farm for years with typical wear. A couple of years ago I restored it to near original, with help from your web site." He sent a photo of his father Burchell Clark with the restored Jeep (50K JPEG).

In addition, Clifton sent a couple of very nice old family photos. This 1965 picture of his dad and the dogs shows plenty of detail of the rear of the Jeep and the canvas top. One of his mother, the late Janet Wathen Clark, driving the brand new 3B (100K JPEG) gives a good look at the green seat covers and the black plate covering the fresh air vent hole.

Gary Keating

"I can't give an exact year of production for this Jeep due to the missing date plate, but I can document it to around 1961 due to the hole for the heater inlet on the right side of the body (see a right side photo, 40K JPEG) and the T-handle emergency brake.

"It came like it is, but I did a fast frame-off to get it solid again. It was a green color which was original, but due to the work nature of this jeep I used the sand paint I had laying around for now. The plow is an original option for this Jeep, with a Hi-Lo hydraulic pump mounted on the engine and turned by a belt. What's nice about this plow setup is that it's a 4-way, meaning up-down and left-right from controls in the cab. The spotlight is made by Unity and was on the Jeep when I bought it in 1990."

Joshua Hunt

"I live in Orrville, Ohio. The story that I have been given on the Jeep is that it originally was purchased by a church as a plow vehicle. They had the vehicle up till 1988 when it was traded in to a dealership. The title shows 31,000 original miles. The body is is very bad shape with the exception of the hood and front grille. See also a close view of the grille screen (110K JPEG).

I have not been able to get the main shaft to turn on the engine yet. I have tried a few things and will continue to try. The frame is very solid, only flake rust. I sure wish someone made a fiberglass body for them -- it would make things a lot easier.

My hope is to restore it leaving as much as I can semi-original with some minor changes, but I am a bit worried about the top speed of the engine with today's roadways, etc. If I can't get the F-head to run I may consider changing it, but would love to keep the old F-head."

Sean Downey

"The only history I have is that this sat in a junkyard for many years and once had a plow on the front of it. The owner of the junkyard passed away recently and the son is crushing all of the vehicles to clean up the property. Mr. Swann lives nearby and managed to save this 3B and a vintage Land Rover. I purchased this Jeep from Mr. Swann and hauled it home in Cordova on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

"My first Jeep was a '46 CJ-2A that I restored with my father. I sold it for a lot less than what I see them go for now. It was rust free, all original and ran beautifully. Oh well. I currently own over a dozen Jeeps including a '67 M715, several Jeepsters and Commandos and a '73 CJ-5.

"I've been searching for another flatfender to restore with my Father. I found this one locally and scooped it up. My Father says that he is not interested but I am certain that once I get going he will be elbow deep into it right next to me.

"Most skilled people could probably save this tub. I may go that route but I will start with the frame and see what comes my way over the next year or so. The engine oil looks great and I'm certain that with a little effort I can get the engine fired. I want the Jeep to remain as stock as possible but I have stacks of NT Commando D30/D44 axles (373 gears, 11-inch drum brakes, etc.) and Buick odd fire motors so it may see an upgrade or two in the drive train department. I also have a stack of NOS parts including a Warn overdrive unit."

See also a front view (100K JPEG) of the Jeep on the trailer.

Kim Boehm

"The story: I moved to Chebeague Island, Maine (near Portland) about two years ago, and a guy was moving off island and had a yard sale. He had the CJ-3B out back of his barn for sale. The engine was stuck from sitting, and the body was swiss cheese from the firewall back (70K JPEG). It was however low mileage (26K original miles) and very complete. Knowing very little about Jeeps, I went home and researched the model, and found CJ3B.info, and figured it could help me bring this old girl back to life.

"I made a deal and towed the thing home and started a frame off rebuild. Many hours and many, many more dollars later I ended up with this little critter; see a left side photo (90K JPEG).

"It has has the factory heater and defroster. The body (90K JPEG) has 'Willys' embossed on tailgate, hood and grille, and a script toolbox. The toolbox is factory drilled for both types of seat mounts. See also photos of the engine: left side and right side (110K JPEGs).

"It was a fun project and I could not have done it without CJ3B.info and all the help the Bulletin Board has given me over the past two years. I have her for sale as I don't really have any use for a Jeep -- I have more need for a pickup. Frame and serial numbers match."

Baskar Kesavalu

"I live in Bangalore, India. I am a member of the "Jeep_Thrills" group in Yahoo groups. I bought this Jeep in fairly good condition. According to the serial numbers in CJ3B.info, the numbers "78710" on the chassis indicate that it must have been manufactured in the U.S. sometime before August 1961. It is possible that it came to India as a CKD. But it got registered in India for civilian use only in 1962. I have no idea if it was ever used by the Army. Perhaps it came as a LHD, but later got converted to RHD by one of the civilian owners (see an interior photo, 60K JPEG).

"What it came with: 2.4 litre OM616 (Mercedes derived) diesel engine, 2WD with centre differential for the rear, and tubular for the front. There was no 4WD transfer case. Nice coat of American Army green paint with stars painted using stencils. Shovel and axe attached to the driver's side, blackout light on the right front, jerry can (see a rear view photo, 80K JPEG).

"My first goal was to convert it to 4WD. But due to the OM616 engine which was not meant for the Jeep, it was impossible to add the front differential as it would touch the crankcase of the engine. One of the mechanics in Mysore got me a modified crankcase and it looked as good as new. Once this was done, it was just a matter of getting the front and rear diffs (8/43), the right transfer case (Dana T-90) and the drive shafts. Since this a high revving diesel engine, it has got a lot of torque. I have also realized that the 2nd gear ratio is not suitable for this engine as it struggles to climb even a light gradient. I had thought about replacing the 3-speed gearbox with a 4 or 5-speed gearbox since this engine has a lot of power. But I can't imagine doing tha since my Jeep would lose that original 3-speed look and feel.

"What do I intend to add to it in future: two ammunition boxes that would be fixed on top of the rear mud guards as my tool boxes, a radio and antenna, electric winch, and rear blackout lights."

Nils Leßmann

Nils Lessmann lives in Germany. He says the Jeep is mechanically all original, although the seats have been replaced and the front blinkers and roll bar added. A German tag on the firewall (60K JPEG) carries the Willys serial number 54876 (which also is stamped on the frame) but not the 57348 prefix. The model is identified as CJ3.

A rear view photo (90K JPEG) shows the new bodywork replacing the tailgate. A Porsche diesel tractor in Nils' garage is visible in a photo of the dashboard (90K JPEG).

Todd Kerzic

"The new addition to my growing collection is a 61 CJ-3B; the VIN number is 57348 76867. It has the defroster and hole in the dash, and also the fresh air hole in the passenger side cowl. It runs nice and is mostly original, but needs floors. It has a superlift spring setup and is lifted a few inches. It will line up for restoration work behind my CJ-2A column shift. Too many projects not enough time..."

See also a left side view (100K JPEG)

Jerry Brown

"This photo was taken the other day on Ophir Pass between Silverton and Telluride. The Jeep has 58,000 miles and is pretty much original except for heavier springs and a Warn overdrive. It has a Koenig hard top, Ramsey PTO winch, and original Cutlas hubs. I've had it for 6 years, and am the the third owner. It's been in Colorado all its life. Vehicle is in great shape, even the heater works."

See the full version of Jerry's great photo (120K JPEG).

Bruce Phillips

"My 3B is registered as a 1962. I first bought the Jeep in 1977 from the second owner so I think it has always been registered as a 1962. According to the serial numbers on CJ3B.info, the Jeep is a 1961 (VIN 57348 69931). It also has the "L" shaped brake handle on the lower portion of the dash, which was changed in 1961 according to the page on Dating a CJ-3B by Interior Details. The Jeep was originally sold in New Jersey and I think it may have been one that was re-dated at year end by the dealer.

"It doesn't currently have the fresh air intake on the right side because when we restored the Jeep we replaced that panel of steel and did not cut the hole in it. I still have the cover plate and will probably cut the intake in, as it is a noticable detail in dating the Jeep. I have a few other details to finish on the restoration, but we have been able to use it all summer and fall. The engine is original and has not been rebuilt."

See also a Christmas photo from the left side (90K JPEG).

Lance Macmaster

Lance had moved to Arkansas when he sent this photo of his Jeep's new Corvette yellow paint job in 2017. When he first bought the Jeep in 2001 in Maine, he said, "The guy I bought it from said it's a '57. His father bought it new and he always referred to it as a '57 Willys. The serial number on the firewall indicates a '61 model year and the registration that I found under the seat said 1961.

"Anyway, the 3B had 28,500 miles on it (40K JPEG) and was only used to plow the driveway (the plow was bought at the same time as the Willys). It was left outside the entire time with a soft top and doors. I threw them out as they were mostly destroyed. The engine ran fine."

See more details on Lance's 1961 CJ-3B Transformed.

Bob Van Deusen

Bob has rebuilt this CJ-3B (serial number 57348 71993, engine number 4J276109) in Maryland. See a photo of the Jeep as Bob found it (30K JPEG). He says, "It was in good shape. It didn't have third gear -- the blocking ring had to be filed to allow spline to engage third gear. All the work was done from the top cover of the transmission."

Then after brake work and paint, Bob put a new floor in the rear bed using leftover hardwood flooring.

Arnaud Leclère

"I bought it when I was living in the US, and brought it back with me to France. The Jeep has been a little modified by the previous owner so I am planing to bring it back to original as much as I can. I was a little afraid to drive it from Lehavre where it arrived in France, to my house (5-hour drive) but it was perfect during all the trip. Now I am doing the hardest part... getting it French papers!"

Ron Ingram

"Hausman Motors in Louisville, Kentucky originally sold this Jeep, with PTO, 3-point hitch, and factory optional post hole digger. (See a photo of the dashboard tag from Hausman Motors, 90K JPEG.) The original purchaser was Louisville Fence Company -- they used the Jeep to build and install fence until 1970.

"A local businessman who had a small farm in our area bought the Jeep from them and used it sporadically until about 1984. He attempted a creek crossing during high water once and killed the engine, and it sat in the barn for over a year.

"I spent most of the summer of 1986 getting the Jeep into running condition. After the cylinder head was rebuilt, new pistons and rings were installed and the engine ran like a top. The original PTO unit had a stripped gear but I was able to find a complete new unit still on the shelf of a retired Jeep dealer's garage. I bought a Bestop soft top the next spring, and it is still in use and in great condition."

More photos and details of Ron's Jeep in A Day With a Farm Jeep.

Rolfe French

This pristine 1961 Jeep belonging to Rolfe French in New Hampshire, shows 19,000 miles. It has been in the family since it was purchased from salesman Ed Johnson at B & J Farm Service in Great Meadows, NJ, and delivered on 10 December 1960. See the original invoice (70k GIF) for "1 CJ-3B Jeep Universal 'Red', $2049.65" plus listed options and trade-in allowance.

See also The Story of a 1961 CJ-3B for more photos and details.

Tom Edwards

"I have a CJ-3B that is a snow plower (what hasn't rusted away -- I had to fab stop signs for floor boards!) I'm trying to research the year. This 3B has the wipers mounted above the windshield. Before I had this Jeep, the body serial number tags had been removed. I looked everywhere on the frame for the serial number, but with no luck. I do however have the engine serial number: 4J290306."

Judging by the engine numbers in our CJ3B Database so far, Tom's Jeep is probably a '61. Some more photos: a close look at the Hurricane engine and an interior view of the dashboard and floor, in 4L ready for plowing, with Ford heater.

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