1961 CJ-3B At Work

Lance Macmaster, Maine, USA


Skidder modeLance Macmaster sent these photos recently, and he was right when he wrote, "Thought you might get a kick out of my '61 in skidder mode.

"I had a dozen of those granite blocks way out in the woods but the 3B yanked them out without much trouble. Not sure of the actual weight, but it was all I could do to move them into place by hand after they were hauled out of the woods. Most of them were like icebergs, 15% showing with the rest underground."

Long shot"I have a 2000 GMC 4WD truck but I hated to scratch the paint driving it through the woods. I didn't think the 3B would move them. Turned out that most of them could be extracted without giving it any gas -- just put it in low range and let the clutch out. My neighbor, the guy in the green pants, seemed pretty surprised. He spent most of the winter predicting that the Willys couldn't plow much snow, either, but I had no trouble despite the huge snow amounts."

LanceLance's 3B was purchased from the original owner, with a 6ft. Fisher plow. It only has 28,000 miles on it, but after a lifetime of snowplowing the body is showing a lot of rust. He says, "I'm going to take the Willys apart shortly and I'll update you with pictures as I put it back together."

Thanks to Lance for sending the photos, and we're looking forward to more. By the way, he did send this one, of the final result of his little landscaping project (50K JPEG). -- Derek Redmond

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