Everybody Loves a Christmas Parade


Christmas parades in early December and front yard displays for the whole month are popular traditions, and Jeep owners like to get their vehicles involved.

Christmas 2023

Brentwood CA, 2023 Jorgelina Bertero was in the Christmas Parade again this year in Brentwood, California, east of San Francisco.

Brentwood CA, 2023 The 3B was not the only Willys in the Brentwood parade this year. Right behind the Legion honor guard was this M38A1.

Photos courtesy Our Town Brentwood CA on Facebook.

Maine, 2023 Meanwhile, Glenn Byron in Maine bought himself a present in December, and this one didn't even need any decorations to look Christmasy. More details in 1954 Owners' Photos.

Christmas 2022

Maine Glenn Byron has a nice Willys collection including a few CJ-3Bs, and this one was sitting out front in December 2022, so his granddaughter suggested it should get decorated for the season!

Glenn just bought a Christmas Red '58, but it's in his basement at the moment. See it in 1958 Owners' Photos.

Christmas 2021

Brentwood CA, 2021 Jorgelina Bertero drove his CJ-3B in the 38th annual Brentwood Christmas Parade on the evening of 27 November in Brentwood CA.

Brentwood CA, 2021 The Jeep was right behind the Legion honor guard (300K JPEG) and Jorgelina had the POW/MIA flag flying from the rear corner.

Photos courtesy Our Town Brentwood CA on Facebook.

Christmas 2018

Colorado, 2018 Green on green: Scott Shafer was a one-man parade as he brought home the Christmas tree in Colorado, in his 1953 CJ-3B.

Topeka, 2018 It was chilly this year in Topeka KS for the parade known as the "Miracle on Kansas Avenue," so Kris Carlson's snowflake projector fit the mood perfectly. There was a group of flatfenders in the parade this year.

Topeka, 2018 Kris also had a projector on his rear cargo box. He has restored his 1955 3B as a U.S. Air Force Jeep; he's not sure of its origins, but it was a government Jeep painted blue (and Forbes AFB was located just south of Topeka until it closed in 1973.)

Topeka, 2018 Also spotted in the huge Topeka parade this year: sure looks like an inflatable Jeep Fleetvan!

Thanks to The Capital-Journal for this photo by Rex Wolf.

Christmas 2017

2017 Here's a real CJ3B.info moment from this Christmas season: Rus Curtis and Lawrence Wade, two long-time contributors to this website, riding together in the Decatur, Alabama parade on 4 December. These two guys are connected in many people's minds because of their collaboration in 2002 on 1955 CJ-3B Details: A Photo Reference.

2017 The theme of the display in the back this year was "Christmas in Toyland." See Christmas Tradition for more photos of Lawrence's Jeep in Christmas parades this year and in past years.

2017 The last weekend of November, Kris Carlson decorated his USAF CJ-3B for the "Miracle on Kansas Avenue" in Topeka. An estimated 25,000 people watched the parade, enjoying the mild weather this year.

2017 In Maryland, Joe Bee was a one-Jeep parade as he brought the Christmas tree home in a blizzard. Roof? This is the CJ-3B that went North to Alaska this year!

The weather in Colombia was a little warmer. See the 2017 Feliz Navidad Willys Parade in Quimbaya.

Christmas 2016

2016 Club Willys Quindío organized their first nighttime Navidad Willys parade or Yipao in Quimbaya, Colombia in 2016. Well before dark, Jeep owners were preparing elaborate decorations including this diorama.

2016 The stars and stripes paint scheme on this 3B also works pretty well as a candy cane.

2016 Many of the Jeeps also had lighting.

2016 Too much testing of the lights when the engine isn't running, can lead to the need for a boost.

2016 Great idea for a Santa Jeep. See him in the parade with a Santa hat (120K JPEG) and a trailer full of presents.

2016 Lots of friends and family were out for the event. This is Claudia Milena Gonzalez and family.

2016 Dianela Cardenas Valencia and family. Thanks to all the members of Club Willys Quindío for the photos.

2016 The club members have developed a real skill for applying rope lighting to the Jeeps. Driving the all-red 3B is Andres Grajales.

The 2017 Feliz Navidad Willys Parade was the second annual Yipao Nocturno Navideño in Quimbaya.

Christmas 2014

Vaughn Becker and his 1958 CJ-3B deliver Santa to the Town Hall in Taroom, Queensland, Australia for "Carols by Candlelight and Santa in the Park" in 2014. Vaughn says, "We usually have the family fun evening in the Park but in 2014 due to very heavy, dark clouds overhead it was decided to move to the Town Hall, which proved to be a good move!"

Thanks to Caroline Bunker for the photo.

Christmas 2011

The Houston Area Flat Fenders make the Pearland TX Christmas parade a family affair every year.

The late Jamie Powers and his kids decorated his '63 3B, and for the first time this year, his trailer.

Other 3B owners in the HAFF club include Larry Steed, Mike Zimmerman and Charlie McMurrey. See also the whole crew in 2007 below.

When it gets dark the parade heads out. This is Mike Zimmerman's newly restored '54 CJ-3B covered with lights.

Christmas 2008

ArizonaHere, Little Saint Nick lays sparks as he takes off in John Cantella's '55 3B in Arizona.

North CarolinaWhen sighted at Don Norris' house in North Carolina, Santa had a team led by a high nose instead of a red nose.

Christmas 2007

Pearland, Texas

The Houston Area Flatfenders Club participates in the Pearland TX Christmas parade on 1 December 2007. From left: Charlie McMurrey's '54 3B; Cliff Robbins' '46 2A; Larry Steed's '53 3B and '42 MB (standing beside the MB are Mike, Meegan and son Joseph Zimmerman); Jamie Powers' '63 3B and Steve Childers '64 3B (standing alongside are Steve and Tammy Childers and daughter Lauren).

Christmas 2006

FrontLawrence Wade's 1955 CJ-3B carries a wreath on the front and old-fashioned presents in the back, in the Decatur 2006 Christmas parade in Alabama.

Tree on boardLawrence's ambitious Christmas tree display was a big hit at the nighttime event.

The Wades have taken their Jeep to plenty of car shows and parades before. See their Center Jump Seat built for parades, and see Christmas Tradition for more photos of the Wades' parades.

Christmas 2004

Homer AKSanta arrives in Engine 1 for the lighting of the 2004 commmunity Christmas tree in Homer, Alaska, in a photo by Michael Armstrong from the Homer News.

Thanks to everybody for the photos. -- Derek Redmond

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