1955 CJ-3B Details:
A Photo Reference

Photos by Rus Curtis

1955 CJ-3BThis low-mileage CJ-3B is owned by Lawrence Wade in Alabama, whose father bought it new in 1955. Lawrence says, "With the exception of batteries, a muffler and a tailpipe, no other parts have been replaced. Dad did have the seats recovered, I think in the mid-80's. The original color of the seats was the same as the grey covers on the tailgate chains. The only other change Dad made was to add a stabilizer shock (70K JPEG) to the front tie rod ends to eliminate shimmy, and to bolt on a farm tractor floodlight (70K JPEG) to the drawbar for a backup light."

Below are links to a series of detail photos (50-100K JPEGs) of Lawrence's Jeep, taken by Rus Curtis, who is restoring a 1954 CJ-3B in Kansas. Included are comments by Rus on some of his photos.

Hood and Grille Details
Engine Left Details
Engine Right Details
Firewall Details
Windshield Details
Frame Details
Body Tub Details
  • Step right side -- View of how steps were mounted. The rear mount had a stud mounted in the floor pan adjacent to the hat channel.
  • Front fender corner -- I was looking for evidence of an anti-squeak strip. It is visible.
  • Floor inside cowl -- Could this be the cowl pillar plug in the parts list? Also note the rectangular impression in the floor pan just to the left of the cowl pillar. My guess is since the hat channels butt up against this on the bottom, it was used as a guide to ensure proper alignment of the hat channels during assembly. (Note from Derek: see the answer we found to this one during our Visit to Vintage Wiring of Maine.)
  • Tub right side top -- the wooden block keeps the wheel off the side of the body. See The Vibration Dampener on CJ3B.info for details.
  • Toolbox from below
  • Toolbox inside

Wiring Details
Brake Line Details
Underside Details
  • Handbrake return spring -- This linkage matches fig. 289 in the early manual and fig. P-8 in the later version.
  • Handbrake cable -- Last mount of the cable housing.
  • Under fuel tank
  • Fuel line under floor -- This is how the fuel line was secured just forward of the fitting on the bottom of the tank.
  • Jack placed under springs -- Lawrence remembered the jack as a dull metal color. It was painted yellow in the late 60's, but he removed the yellow to return to the original look. The base is 6-1/8 x 4-1/8 inches, height 6-1/2 inches.

Rear Body Details
See photos of the Jeep from the left front (120K JPEG) and from the right rear (120K JPEG).

Also a page of photos taken by Lawrence of the framework for the original canvas top.

Thanks to Lawrence, and to Rus for this great set of reference photos. -- Derek Redmond

For more background and photos of this Jeep, see Family Tradition and Wade at the River.

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