Dinky Toys and Other Medium Size Toy Jeeps


These are some of the medium size Jeeps in my collection, as of 1997. They range from about 3 inches to 7 inches in length. The details arebelow.

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Top Row:

  1. Stamped TinMB. Made in Japan, with friction motor and pretty fancy upholsteryfor an Army vehicle.
  2. GreenYJ. Nice Wrangler Sahara model with opening doors, folding seats,jewel lights. Made in China under licence from Chrysler.
  3. White Majorette CJ-7.Quality model with sprung suspension, removable hardtop. Made inFrance. See also the Majorette Jeeps pages for more photos.
  4. Blue AvonDJ. After-shave bottle, with white plastic hardtop. Nice Christmasgift for the mailman.
  5. BlueMonogram CJ-7. This is a plastic 1:24 model kit. Actually I haven'tassembled it -- this is just a picture from the box.
  6. Yellow New-Ray CJ-7. A nicenew metal 1:32 4WD friction-motor model made in China and licenced byChrysler. Available in red and yellow. Folding windshield, openingtailgate.

Second Row:

  1. WhiteCJ-7. Has "Rescue" insignia on hood, and room for equipment in trunkbehind the bucket seats. Powered by pull-back recoil spring motor.
  2. Red Jeep Loco CJ-7.Battery operated with lug tires. Flips over and changes direction whenit encounters obstacles.
  3. White plastic CJ-7. ShowJeep with plenty of chrome, pull-back spring motor.
  4. Red Plastic CJ-7. Fairly accurate reproduction, battery-motorized, with removable hardtop, lightedheadlamps, and lots of torque.
  5. White Metal CJ-5. Friction motor,big tires. But I guess you'd want to fold down that opaque blackwindshield.
  6. Blue Supershots CJ-5.Well detailed new plastic model made in China for Lanard Toys. Stringpulls out the back to wind up a spring motor. Removable bikini top. About 1:30 scale. Look at the picture on the packaging.
Third Row:
  1. DiecastMetal CJ-7s. Recent bargain-store toys. Hot pink model with "DirtRat" graphics has black plastic soft top with no side windows.
  2. Red/Blue Plastic CJ-5.Two-piece, two-tone plastic toy with half-size hardtop.
  3. Sand Plastic M38A1. Plastictoy in desert paint, with anti-aircraft (?) gun.
  4. Blue Plastic CJ-5.Reasonably good cheap plastic toy.
  5. Pottery CJ-3A. A souvenir of Ecuadorgiven to me by a friend, it's "fully loaded."
  6. Blue Battery Winch CJ-7.Unique in my experience so far: the winch operates (Ihad to fabricate a new hook, as well as a windshield). Made in Hong Kongfor Echo Toys, 1983. Also features a plastic motorcycle instead of aback seat.
Fourth Row:
  1. Red SolidoMB. Part of a fire engine series, made in France. Foldingwindshield.
  2. Green DinkyToys CJ-3A. This dates from 1953. Forest green,not military green.
  3. Red DinkyToys CJ-3A. Same as the green version. Very solidly built -- aclassic toy. See also the Dinky Toys Jeeps page for more photos.
  4. Blue TonkaCJ-5. Smaller version of the big Tonkas, dated 1979. Metal body with blackplastic grille and windshield.
  5. Green Torco CJ-5. All-plasticknock-off of the Tonka, from "Green Grass Manufacturing" in Hong Kong,1980.
  6. Black Tonka CJ-5. Same 1979 toy as the blue version, but with metallic red stripes, and logos for AC, Cragar and STP.
Fifth Row:
  1. Dinky Toys MB. Earlier and larger than the Dinky CJ-3As. This one's in pretty bad shape.
  2. Blue Corgi Toys CJ-5. 1/36 scale, made in China rather than Britain where earlier Corgis were produced. Nice metal model with plastic frame and removable soft top with clear plastic windows.
  3. Green Plastic CJ-7. Made in Venezuela, copied from the flip-over toys (see Red Jeep Loco above).
  4. Red Wiking CJ-5. Soft plastic toddler's toy made in Sweden. With winch.
  5. Green Plastic CJ-5. Nicely proportioned soft plastic toy made in Hong Kong. Molded in one piece including soft top.
  6. Orange Fisher-Price CJ-3B. Plastic, made in USA in 1977, with a fish and duck graphic on hood. The hood is high enough to call it a CJ-3B. Looks like it was part of a set.
Sixth Row:
  1. Grip Zechin CJ-3B. Japanese diecast model of the Mitsubishi J52, based on the CJ-3B. Nicely detailed. More photos on the Mitsubishi models page.
  2. Purple Tonka CJ-3B. Six-inch-long version of the large pressed-steel Tonka toys. For details on the design see the Tonka page.
  3. Yellow Tonka CJ-3B. The same body, with trailer hitch added. Windshield has been replaced.
  4. Blue Tonka CJ-3B Racer. The same body, with wild colour scheme, larger tires and plastic full roll cage.
  5. Brown Tonka CJ-3B Racer. The same body, with Tonka Golden Eagle logo, plastic headlights, and chromed roll cage.
  6. Hong Kong M38A1. Metalbody, pull-back spring motor. Missing weapon from rear-seat mount.

See also the Large Toys and the Small Toys.

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