Tonka and Other Large Toy Jeeps


Here are some of the big sandbox-size Jeeps in my collection, as of 1997. They range from about 8 inches to 12 inches in length. The details are below.

Click on any Jeep in the display above (or on its description in the list below) to see a larger copy of its picture (24K JPEG). Then use the Back button on your browser to return to this page.

Top Row:

  1. Red Tonka CJ-3B. Probably one of the first Tonkas to add big tires, this dates from maybe the late 1960s.
  2. Green Tonka CJ-5. Black plastic windshield and grille. See also the Tonka Story.
  3. Metallic Brown Tonka CJ-5. The same black grille, and beige plastic removable hardtop.
  4. Tonka CJ-3B. 1960s toy based on the CJ-3B, with whitewall tires. This one is in excellent condition. More details on the Tonka page.
Second Row:
  1. Green Diecast CJ-2A. Obviously older than most of these toys, it is marked Made in Canada. One piece hard rubber wheels. See also Sandbox Jeeps of the 1950s.
  2. Blue plastic CJ-5. Molded coloured plastic with sticker on the hood.
  3. White plastic CJ-5. The exact reverse of the blue colour scheme.
  4. Tonka CJ-3B Wrecker. Similar to the Tonka above, with tow hook and snowplow added. Red plastic warning light on hood. More details on the Canadian Tonkas page.
Third Row:
  1. Yellow Sonic Tiger CJ-7. Radio controlled toy from Radio Shack, with sound effects.
  2. Red Toy State YJ. One of the few toy Wranglers, this one has wired remote control speed and steering, lighted headlamps, and Islander graphics. Toy State also marketed a red Comanche pickup. Take a look at the picture on the box that it came in.
  3. White Marui CJ-7. Serious 1/10 scale R/C racer. Accurate Golden Eagle graphics, and lots of detail-- assembled and painted by me. See also another page of photos.
  4. Radio Shack Army CJ-7. Radio controlled, military toy based on the CJ-7. Missing rear-mounted weapon and original windshield.

See also the Medium Size Toys and the Small Toys.

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