Matchbox and Other Small Toy Jeeps


These are some of the small Jeeps in my collection, as of 1997. They are typically about 2 inches in length. Details are below.

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Top Row:

  1. Brown Matchbox MB. Right hand drive, made in England, 1981.
  2. Red Matchbox MB. Same body mold and graphic, made in Macao, 1981.
  3. Pink Matchbox MB. "Jeep Hot Rod", same body, made in England, 1971. No.2 in the Superfast series. V8 engine, green bumper and undercarriage. Matchbox has gotten a lot of variety with this same body mold.
  4. Matchbox Invasion MB. Same body, with hole for mounting recoilless rifle, and D-Day invasion markings. Made in England, 1976.
  5. Matchbox MB. Same body, with camo paint job and plastic softtop, made in Thailand, 1981. Left-hand drive.
  6. Matchbox CJ-5. Offroad racer model. Made in Thailand.
  7. Purple Matchbox MB. The recent "Bad to the Bone" version in "TJ" purple.

Second Row:

  1. White Hot Wheels CJ-7. Made in Malaysia. Red, black and clear plastic parts. Detailed metal undercarriage, which the Matchbox models lack.
  2. Green Hot Wheels CJ-7. Same model, with military-style paint job.
  3. Blue Hot Wheels CJ-8. Scrambler with racing paint.
  4. Black Hot Wheels CJ-8. Same model in basic black, with better quality wheels and rubber tires. Axe and firewood molded in back.
  5. Green Matchbox CJ-6. Small wheels and large top give this seventies model a top-heavy look.
  6. Yellow Matchbox CJ-5. Classic toy. Excellent Matchbox quality.
  7. Red Pottery CJ-3A. A souvenir of Venezuela, but it's the only flat-fender Jeep I saw there.
Third Row:
  1. Green Husky CJ-5. Made in Britain, with plastic driver, folding windshield, horse trailer.
  2. Red Corgi Junior CJ-5. Same body mold as the Husky. Also made in Great Britain. Missing driver.
  3. Silver Tonka CJ-5. Mirror finish on plastic.
  4. Green Majorette CJ-5. Made in France. Renegade graphics.
  5. Red Majorette CJ-5. Black plastic hardtop.
  6. Black Majorette CJ-5. Rear view of the black and tan version, with a cobra graphic on the hood.
  7. Gold Majorette CJ-5. More sedate version of the same body. Golden eagle-style graphic, white hardtop.
Fourth Row:
  1. Orange CJ-7. Made in Hong Kong. Golden eagle graphic. Opening doors, detailed metal undercarriage.
  2. Orange CJ-7. Made in Hong Kong. Plastic undercarriage, opening hood. Looks like a V6?
  3. White CJ-7. Similar mold except for bug screen on grille. Made in China. Opening hood.
  4. Yellow CJ-7. Same mold except for bug screen. Made in China. Opening doors -- metal undercarriage provides rigidity.
  5. Rescue CJ-7. Similar, but light-weight version, with plastic undercarriage. Cross-hatch grille, "Rescue" graphics.
  6. Green CJ-7. Same body but with the huge wheels and tires which are common in bargain-store toys.
  7. Fire Dept CJ-7. Recent discount-store toy.
Fifth Row:
  1. Yellow CJ-3A. Plastic toy. I've always been puzzled by the attached headphones.
  2. White CJ-7. Golden eagle graphic.
  3. Black CJ-7. Made in Thailand.
  4. Red CJ-7. Wrangler graphic. Accurate removable plastic hardtop.
  5. Yellow CJ-2A. Bargain store model, made in China.
  6. Black CJ-5. It looks like a Power Wheels toy in the back of the Hot Wheels Scrambler. It's the smallest toy Jeep I've come across.
  7. Red CJ-7. Another variation of the China/Hong Kong toy with opening doors. Plastic undercarriage.

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