Marui R/C CJ-7

R/C Golden Eagle

Finally I've got some decent photos of my 1/10 scale radio control Golden Eagle. Made in Japan by Marui, the kit was assembled and painted by me in 1992 (see some of the assembly instructions, 70K GIF). I don't know much about R/C racing, but I guess that this model, out of the box, is a fairly low end vehicle. Probably a serious modeller could add some high-performance modifications, to put it into contention.

Click any photo below, to see a larger copy (40K JPEG).

Rear end details
The 2WD drive train is in the rear.
Serious driver
Driver never loses his concentration.

Interior details
Lots of molded interior detail required painting.

Under the body
Arms at the rear prevent extreme wheelies.


Hood and winch
The kit included accurate Golden Eagle decals, and a non-functioning electric winch. The red paint scar on the fender, and the "welded" bumper, are evidence that this is a model that has seen some off-road racing action, not a shelf-sitter.

I don't know if this kit is still available -- I haven't seen it for sale for years. If you want to know what to look for, check out the box the kit came in (60K JPEG). -- Derek Redmond

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