Toy Jeep Fire Trucks

Mini-Tonka Gladiator

Mini-TonkaThis Mini-Tonka "Fire Fighter" No. 72 is based on the Kaiser Gladiator. It's about 10 inches long, and has dual rear wheels. A front view (140K JPEG) reveals the early (1962-69) style grille, and a top view (130K JPEG) shows the molded plastic hose detail. The ladder is metal. The truck was also available in Fire Department Set No. 103 (70K JPEG).

Willys Panel Truck

TFD WillysA 1953 Willys panel delivery is seen in this photo, in service in 1958 at a four-alarm blaze not far from the Kaiser-Willys Parkway Plant in Toledo, Ohio.

Actually, that fire is fiction and this picture is a photo I took of the 1/25-scale model of the panel delivery in the colors of the Toledo Fire Department, produced by Liberty Classics, combined with a background photo.

Marx VFD

Willys Pickup

Marx turned its pressed-steel Willys Jeep truck into a fire department runabout by simply adding a red light and "VFD" decals. Reproductions of the V.F.D. decal are available to help complete a nice restoration like this one.

Forward Control

FCSurprisingly, this Japanese tinplate FC-170 is the only production toy I have run across, of the popular Forward Control Fire Trucks built by many manufacturers. The detailed hose compartment in a rear view (50K JPEG) is a good example of tinplate lithography. The truck is about 7 inches long, and features rotating beacon and operating bell. See also a side view (40K JPEG).

Custom Corgi
Bob Bateman is a Land Rover enthusiast in the UK, who is aware of the large number of Jeep FC fire engines in North America. He converted a Corgi diecast FC model into a fire engine by adding a Dinky Toy Land Rover rear body, and sent the photo to The FC Connection.

HO custom
Jarek Skonieczny built this custom model using primarily the Hot Wheels 1/64-scale FC, as part of a 1-week custom challenge in the Diecast Jeep Collectors group on Facebook in 2023. The idea was a fire truck version of the M677 military FC crew cab -- which is a great idea.

See also a rear view (120K JPEG), a mockup assembly (200K JPEG) and the painted parts (200K JPEG).

HO custom
Uli Slovig in Germany kitbashed this HO-scale version using the EKO 1/87 FC pickup model with a new bed built from plastic sheet. The wheels are from a Roco HO Jeep. See also the right side (60K JPEG). Photos courtesy 1/87 Vehicle Club.

Willys Wagon in HO-scale

Eko HO scale The Willys Station Wagon was popular with European fire brigades, and this tiny 1/87-scale rendition is one version of the model from Eko Toys in Spain. See also a front view (100K JPEG) and the base (80K JPEG).

See also a Station Wagon in 1/43-scale from Atlas Editions, based on The Fire Truck in the Tintin Book.

Thanks to J-C Guerry and to Uli Slovig of Miniworlds. -- Derek Redmond

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