Combining Photo Elements
with Adobe Photoshop


Final graphicThis is the final composite graphic I'm going to produce for the Fire Service Jeep Toys pages, showing a model Jeep in a real-world background photo.


The foreground element is photographed against a contrasting background which is similar to the color of the final background. I used a video camera, and grabbed a frame from the video.

Foreground transparent

In Photoshop, the foreground element is carefully selected and cut out of the image, and adjusted in size if necessary.

BG photo

The background photo has been scanned in from the original source.

Final graphic

The foreground is pasted into a separate layer on top of the background, so it can be positioned and color-corrected to match.

Details on each layer, such as the firefighter's coat and helmet, can be retouched as necessary.

This tutorial was posted in 2001, but I was still using basically the same approach in 2010 for a Scrambler loading some firewood (280K JPEG) and a Funline Muscle Machines Jeep on a dragstrip (240K JPEG). -- Derek Redmond

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