First Snow of the Year

John Belden's CJ-3B Plows the Laneway


MorningOne morning in early 2003, John Belden got up to find the first big snowfall in New Jersey since he got the bodywork and paint done on his 1962 CJ-3B. Although he'd been plowing with the Jeep since 1995, it was going to look a lot sharper now.

At the roadJohn says, "In 1995 I decided I had had enough of walking behind a snowblower. Most days it would be many hours before I was finished. It was November, and winter was on the way. I decided I needed something with heat and a seat, and I started to scan the classifieds in the local free paper. This advertisement stood out to me: 'Old Jeep, 4 wheel drive with plow. Runs good, everything works. $2000 OBO.'

Rear view
"I went over to see the 'old Jeep' and it turned out to be this Willys CJ-3B. I drove it around a little and it met my criteria (cost less than putting a plow on my pickup truck, had heat and a seat, and could be registered for road use.)"

Driver's view
After a number of mechanical repairs during the years since then, John decided in 2002 it was time for some cosmetic improvements. He took these action photos to document his first time out with the new look.

Front view
See also a left side view of the action (100K JPEG), and a nice front view when the job's done (100K JPEG.)

See more photos and details on John's 1962 CJ-3B and its New Paint for the 40th Birthday.

Thanks to John for the photos. As of 2019, this Jeep belongs to Shea Roberson in Connecticut.

I've also taken some photos of my own High Hood Snowplow. -- Derek Redmond

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