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Kaiser M606It's hard to find information on the M606 military version of the Willys CJ-3B Universal Jeep. The M606 designation does not appear in lists of US military vehicles, and it apparently referred exclusively to Jeeps built for overseas military aid or sale. (Kaiser Jeep used the model number M606A2 and M606A3 to refer to military export versions of the CJ-5.)

The M606 was pretty much just the CJ-3B straight off the assembly line, with the same serial numbers as the civilian version. The military version took the heavy-duty options like larger tires and springs, and added a few features (listed on the conversion specs sheet below) including a blackout lamp on the front left fender. In addition, however, a rare M606 Military Jeep Parts List mentions a number of engine and drivetrain parts which are optional or not standard on the civilian CJ-3B.

U.S. Navy CJ-3B CJ-3Bs purchased by the U.S. Army and Navy did not typically have the military blackout lamps, and were not referred to as M606s.

I have been told by mil-veh collectors and former servicemen that the CJ-3B was generally used by the U.S. military in non-combat roles such as Shore Patrol, which may have been the role of this 1963 Navy CJ-3B, painted in semi-gloss gray (photo originally published in the Japanese military Jeep journal J4, vol.4, 1998.)

U.S. Navy CJ-3B rear viewThe rear view shows bumperettes and plain tailgate, as well as the lack of M606-style taillights and pintle hook. The foldout ventilating windshield glass is usually seen on military 3B's, but is an option that is not unique to the military Jeeps.

For further discussion of the details of military CJ-3Bs and M606s, see Military High Hood Questions on CJ3B.info.

M606 Service Manual Supplement

A four-page Service Manual Supplement (SM-1018 R1) to the Universal Jeep Service Manual (SM-1002-R5) describes and illustrates "special equipment items as installed on Jeep model M606 (CJ-3B modified)":

Blackout LampBlackout Driving Light: according to the Supplement, a blackout light was installed on the left fender only.

Magnetic Drain Plugs: intended to attract small bits of metal so they can be removed when fluids are changed, these plugs were installed in oil pan, transmission and transfer case.

Trailer Coupling Electrical Receptacle: a 12-pin metal connector covered by a spring-loaded door.

Tail LightsStop and Tail Lights: body-mounted reflectors, and blackout covers for the tail lights.

Pintle Hook: trailer towing hitch. A picture also shows rear "bumperettes" on either side of the hitch.

Tires and Tubes: 700 x 16 (4 ply) nylon tires, with low inflation pressures recommended, ranging from 10 - 25 lbs. depending on conditions.

Thanks to Danny Hartling for the Supplement, which has been reproduced by Portrayal Press.

M606 Specifications

Curb weight 2418 lbs.
Overall length 129.91 in.

Springs - Semi-elliptical leaf type.
Front: 36 1/4 in. x 1 3/4 in., 10 leaves, Rate 260 lb./in.
Rear: 42 in. x 1 3/4 in., 10 leaves, Spring Rate 400 lb./in.

Max. Engine Horsepower: 71 @ 4000 R.P.M.
Torque: 111 lbs. ft. @ 2200 R.P.M.

Electrical System: Waterproof, No; Radio Suppressed, Yes (Non-Tactical)
Potential: 12 Volt; Generator Rating 35 Amp.
B.O. Driving Lamp No. 926522
B.O. Stop Lamp No. 926523
Trailer Coupling Socket No. 938690 (MS-75021-2)

Performance: Cruising Range Highway, 175 Miles
Grade Ability (Computed): Direct 9.6% for GVW of 3500 lbs., Low 78.8% for GVW of 3500 lbs.
Maximum Speed: 55 MPH

Fording Depth: 20 In.

Pintle: MS-51225-2, Capacity 18,000 lbs.

See the Kaiser Jeep M606 Specs Sheet (160K JPEG).

For full CJ-3B specs, some of which differ slightly from the M606, see CJ-3B Universal Jeep Specifications.

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