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Army museumThe Museo Histórico del Ejército Argentino ("Museum of the History of the Argentinian Army") in Ciudadela near Buenos Aires, includes a display devoted to Argentinian participation in United Nations peacekeeping over many years. One of the centerpieces is an M606 painted in UN white.

Paratroop museum The Parachute Infantry Regiment No. 2 has a museum at their headquarters at La Calera in central Argentina, just outside Cordoba where the IKA factory was located. Greeting visitors to the museum is an M606 which is pretty well maintained, but stripped of most removable parts. Photo by Luis Mariano Paz.

Paratroop museum The Jeep outside pales in comparison to this unique exhibit inside the museum -- an M606 on a pallet ready for airdropping. Thanks to Sergio Willys for this photo.

UH-1 and M606 Another way of delivering a Jeep by air: a Bell UH-1 helicopter of the Ejército Argentino lifts an M606 in this undated archival photo courtesy of Luis Mariano Paz.

Plaza De Mayo, 1955

16 June 1955 A Jeep in the background may belong to the Air Force bomb disposal unit, or one of the officers observing the aftermath of the bombing of Plaza De Mayo in Buenos Aires on 16 June 1955. Judging from the number of onlookers, the danger from unexploded bombs has passed.

Over 300 civilians were reportedly killed in the attack by rebel naval aircraft, supposedly aimed at the nearby office of the President. (Wikipedia)

Thanks to Luis for the photo from Argentina's Archivo General de la Nació.

16 June 1955 This photo shows bombs hitting Government House, known as "Casa Rosado", adjacent to the square. The attack was the opening of a failed coup d'etat against President Juan Perón.

The aircraft visible here are rebel Argentine Navy SNJ-4s, a variant of the North American Aviation T-6 "Texan." The T-6 was widely used around the world, primarily as a trainer. It was known by the U.S. Army as the AT-6, the U.S. Navy as the SNJ, and in British Commonwealth countries as the "Harvard." (Wikipedia)

16 June 1955 Bombs hit the crowded city center without warning on a Thursday afternoon, and the first bomb reportedly hit a trolley car packed with children. This photo of civilian casualties includes what appears to be a civilian CJ-2A.

The attempted coup was defeated by loyalist Army and Air Force units, but the Perón government was overthrown by a general revolt of the armed forces later in 1955.

Cordoba, 1969

Cordoba, 1969Luis also passed along this photo of troops from the Parachute Infantry Regiment No. 2 in an Ejercito Argentino M606 Jeep, during a civil disturbance in the city of Cordoba in 1969. The "Cordobazo" was a protest movement of workers and students, who erected barricades (170K JPEG) and took control of much of the city of Cordoba on 29 May 1969, until the Army was called in. (Wikipedia) Although short-lived, the Cordobazo inspired further uprisings and has been called a turning point in Argentinian politics.

Newsfilm frameThis picture is a frame from a piece of television news footage found by Luis, showing an Ejercito Argentino convoy entering Cordoba that day. (Luis also uploaded the video clip to You Tube.)

Luis catalogues the vehicles visible in the film clip: eight M606 Jeeps, one with a M100 trailer, a Dodge M601, a Willys Utility Wagon, and a Mercedes Benz 1114 truck.

The Parachute Infantry Regiment No. 2 was the unit to which Luis' 1966 M606 belonged.

At Auction

Surplus M606 JeepsThe Jeeps seen in action above, were retired from the Ejercito Argentino by the early 1990's, and Luis sent two photos probably taken in 1993 of army surplus M606 Jeeps up for auction. He says, "I think that this photograph will break the record of the most M606/CJ-3B ever seen in one place." And this is clearly an unretouched photo with at least 20 Jeeps visible (see the large copy, 120K JPEG).

Hood numbers The second photo apparently shows the other end of the lineup, and is interesting because several hood numbers are recognizable. Luis says, "It is not unreasonable to think that my Jeep could have been in this line of Jeeps."


Front viewDecember 8, 2000: the year-end meeting of the Asociacion Argentina de Coleccionistas de Vehiculos Militares. December marks the beginning of summer in Argentina, and the temperature averages 25 to 35 degrees centigrade, so it was a great opportunity for four M606-owners in the AACVM to line their Jeeps up, put the tops down, and admire each others' work. Note that two of the Jeeps have their spare tires mounted on the rear.

Side viewThese photos were taken by Luis Mariano Paz of Buenos Aires, who says they are all in quite original condition. Left to right, they are:

  1. 1966 M606 (Luis' Jeep -- see also more photos)
  2. 1967 M606 (repainted sand by the Argentinian army)
  3. 1967 M606 (with RT 68 radio equipment)
  4. 1964 M606


FaitaA closer look at Luis Faita's 1967 Jeep, with a jerry can bracket mounted on the passenger side. Photo taken at the same AACVM meet, held at the Gral Lemos Parade Square.

With M38A1sTwo M38A1s, as well as other vehicles belonging to members of the AACVM, were included in the display. The organization, inspired by similar associations in other countries, was formed in 1997, with the objective of preserving military vehicles as part of the history of Argentina.

Ejercito Argentino imported approximately 250 M606 Jeeps between years 1964 and 1967, as well as many M38A1 and twenty M170 Jeeps.

M38A1, M606Luis Mariano Paz says, "All the vehicles arrived painted olive drab, and later some were painted the terroso brown color with olive spots, like the M606 in this photo, from year 1967.

"Espero que de esta manera los dueños de otros M606 de la argentina se puedan contactar conmigo y formar una gran Asociacion."

Thanks to Luis Mariano Paz and the AACVM. Thanks also to the website Historia, Memoria, Identidad for the Cordobazo photos. -- Derek Redmond

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