Kaiser M725 Ambulance


Eric HansonThe military ambulance version of the Kaiser Jeep M715 1-1/4 ton truck, built during 1967-68, was designated the M725. Like the M715, it was powered by the Tornado 230 inline-6 engine.

This nicely restored example was photographed by Eric Hanson. Similar to a black & white factory photo (190K JPEG).

RearRear view photo by John Ross. See also the M725 cab interior (50K JPEG) and the the rear compartment (60K JPEG) which could carry up to five stretcher cases. Standard equipment included a surgical light, air ventilators, gas heater, and a sliding door separating the cab and rear compartment.

Minnesota Military MuseumThis restored truck is displayed at the Minnesopta Military Museum, at the National Guard's Camp Ripley near Little Falls MN. It was donated to the museum by Preston and Kate Smith, and restored by Jerry Ryan.

MiamiMany surplus M725 ambulances went to municipal emergency services across the U.S. This one was painted in safety yellow by Miami County Emergency Management in Indiana. It had been formerly owned by the U.S. Forestry Service, and was acquired by Miami County as surplus in 1996, with an odometer reading of 7615 miles. It was retired from service in 2000.

See also a front view (80K JPEG) and a rear view (70K JPEG) of another example painted yellow for civilian fire & rescue by an unknown fire department.

RearThe cavernous interior of the Miami County truck shows its potential as a command center or a rescue equipment truck. Use as a civilian ambulance would be unlikely.

See also photos (50K JPEGs) of the:


Mulvane KSMulvane Emergency Services in Kansas kept their M725 known as "Hawkeye" (right) in military-style paint until they sold it in 1987.

Thanks to the photographers. -- Derek Redmond

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