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1990 Here's a great pair of pictures from 1990, from Jeff Spencer in Queensland. He says, "My sister-in-law, then single, came out with friends to visit us at Taroom on the property I was managing at the time. She was the photographer.

"The Jeep was my ride around the property to check water, fences, etc. Fuel tank was home made, extending full width of the body, with tool box cut out. Home made bench seat across the top. Note the rifle behind the seat and cartridge belt hanging off the dash, always carried in case of wild pigs and dingos."

1990 "The owner of the property had recently had contour banks made. We unhooked the trailer when we got hung up on the contour.

"The Jeep was crank start (starter motor bendix drive broken.) No speedo... life was simple. It is still in that state in my shed here on the coast. Restoration to start soon! I've always considered it a '58 but the serial number plate is long gone. I suspect and hope the numbers will reveal themselves when I sandblast the chassis."

1958 A family in their Jeep on the "Fisherman's Ferry" at Tewantin, north of Sunshine Coast, Queensland. The 1959 registration plate and lefty spare tire confirm this is a 1958 CJ-3B. The date is identified as circa 1950 in the archive at Heritage Noosa, but circa 1960 would be more accurate. I wasn't sure what was tied to the roof, but Daryl Day tells me it's a long surf fishing rod.

1958 Here's the same family, apparently still enjoying the Tewantin area a few years later, this time on the Noosa River Ferry. This photo is dated by the archive as 1966, which seems quite possible, and the Jeep's owner is identified as Sid Robinson. His rope for securing the surf rod is still attached to the front bumper.

Spring Colors

Sydney Here's another Australian Jeep, looking very 21st century compared to the stock '58s above. This one was photographed in Sydney. See also the Hurricane engine (120K JPEG).

Its 1958 serial number (140K JPEG) is followed by a stamped "S", one of the letters used to indicate units designated for assembly in Australia. Below the Willys SN plate is the blue plate with the Willys Motors Australia stock number. What's cool about WMA numbers is that we have the factory records that show the dates and details of each Jeep.

Puerto Rico Another very modern-looking 3B, this one in Puerto Rico. You don't see those low-profile tires on a Jeep very often. And I hope there's a power steering conversion to go with that tiny steering wheel!

Cuba And Lisbe Yoha Fernández in Cuba has a 1954 3B that looks a lot flashier than most of the Jeeps in Cuba.

Pittsburgh Three generations in a Willys: Sebastian Lobo-Guerrero with his dad and his son, in Pittsburgh. See the full story of the yellow 3B, Sebastian's red one in Colombia and his dad's 3A: Three Willys Jeeps and 2,500 Miles in Between.

Colombia Johan Lopez lives in Chile but is from Colombia, and has painted his 3B in the classic red so popular in Colombia. He's got it set up for overlanding, and the last I heard, his plan was to travel around South America with his wife and baby. He says, "At first we want to get to Colombia, then we don't know. With the help of CJ3B.info we were able to restore our 1964 CJ-3B, which is actually an M606, but for commercial reasons we painted it red, since we sell Colombian coffee."

Andy Chamberlain Andy Chamberlain took his 3B to a drive-in restaurant in Michigan that's right out of the 3B era. Andy says, "The carhop didn't know where to put the tray, but we figured it out!"

JF Lavie And in Belfort, France, Jean-Francois (Jeff) Lavie was filling up his '54 Bristol Red with lemondae and beer, in July 2022.


2022 Talk about colorful! This is the graduation of a detachment of India's National Cadet Corps on 5 March 2022. The Inspector of Police from the area received the NCC cadet guard of honor at the CMS Higher Secondary School, Mallappally, Kerala.

2022 The National Cadet Corps gives basic military training students of schools and colleges across India.

Thanks to Aditya Bose for the photos. They remind me of the photos of Queen Elizabeth reviewing Indian cadets in a Jeep, in Fifty Years Ago Today (although those are in black & white.)

Fall Colors

Chris Wooley You've probably heard about the Colorado Fall Color Tour, where fifty vintage Jeeps (selected by lottery since the event has become very popular) enjoy guided tours through the mountains. Days in the early fall start near freezing but get warm in the afternoon sun, even up at 12,000 feet or higher. Here's Chris Wooley's CJ-3B on the Tour a few years ago.

Chris Wooley The 2023 Tour will be held from 17 to 23 September. Organizer M38Mike says, "We'll start each day at the Thirsty Dirt Ranch at 8,000 feet elevation, and take you as high as 13,000 feet above sea level. From that high up you'll be able to wave at jets passing by, and they'll wave back."

See more on the 2023 Fall Color Tour and how to enter the lottery for a spot (before 1 May) on the CJ-2A Page Forum.

Mad Brit photo Thanks to the Mad Brit for this shot of a colorful 3B seen as Jeeps passed by on the Tour.

2019 A trio of high hoods on the Tour included Chris Wooley's in gray and black, Kevin Boog's in yellow, and the white one in the front row; anybody recognize whose that it?

Kevin Boog Here's a nice shot of Kevin's Jeep "Frankie" (Frankenstein) that really shows how high up in the mountains they were. And he was probably looking at that little lake and thinking that it wouldn't be too long before he was back ice racing on Georgetown Lake (see CJ-3B Snow Jeeps on CJ3B.info.)

Kevin Boog On one drive there was a stop at St. Elmo, a ghost town at 9,961 feet (3036 m.) Nearly 2,000 people settled here when mining for gold and silver started in 1880. The Mary Murphy Mine was the largest and most successful mine in the area, recovering over $60,000,000 worth of gold. The mining industry started to decline after 1895, and the other mines gradually shut down, but the Mary Murphy Mine continued to operate until the railroad was abandoned in 1922. (Wikipedia)

Kevin Boog Here's a shot that Kevin didn't expect to take -- he found himself having to get a tow from Kris Carlson's Air Force CJ-3B (see 1955 Owners' Photos.) He says, "Thank you to Kris for his assistance with towing Frankie to a recovery spot near the highway." Kevin later found that the ignition coil had overheated and burned out, plus the passenger side spring to axle tube welds broke right off the tube.

Kevin Boog Kevin had Frankenstein back in shape for Moab 2022, where the Sony photographer took this photo.

Explaining the name, he says, "Frankie was found in the maintenance yard of a local cemetery, in more than a few places in the yard. Lots of rust and torn or missing metal. I however didn't restore it -- I hot-rodded it with a Sniper injected 351 Cleveland V8. I'm just an old ice racer who likes a little punch under my right foot."

Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Costa Rica Pedro Fonseca Solano didn't go for bright colors when he painted his 3B in Costa Rica, but he takes colorful photos, whether it's at night in his hometown oj Naranja, or doing a little troubleshooting out on the road.

Costa Rica Based on the engine number 4J359338, Pedro's Jeep seems to be a very early '64, and surviving paperwork indicates it arrived in Costa Rica on 16 October 1963.

Costa Rica Here's a nice drone shot of a Jeep crossing the Rio Turrubares, on a 2022 club trip by Willys Pasión Costa Rica.

CJs in the Sand

Massachusetts Stephen Everett in Marion, Massachusetts says, "I usually use my truck to drop the skiff in, but opted use the '54 over the weekend. She handled it like a champ."

Dave Logan More wet tires, this time Dave Logan's CJ-3B. This Jeep has a lot of history: it's actually a repro body on a DJ-5 frame, powered by a '72 Chevy 350. It was built back in the 90s by Tom Telford, an engineer with Warn Industries, and appeared back then in a magazine ad (330K JPEG) for Warn winches, as well as an article called "High-Hood High Jinks" in the December '95 4WOR magazine.

If this piece of offroad history grabs your interest, note that it will be for sale in April 2023. Dave says it's in perfect running condition and is street legal. A few more details: Dana 44s, Detroit lockers and full-float rear. Custom suspension built by Tom Telford with Wagoneer springs mounted outboard and reversed shackles up front, 25-gallon fuel tank under the seats, and Saginaw power steering.

Hemet Jeep Club And some dry sand. I don't know who owned the Jeeps seen out in the desert in this vintage photo. It's courtesy of Hemet Jeep Club, the family oriented club in California which was one of the first four-wheel drive clubs in the United States.

Hemet Jeep Club

Dennis Reich This 1960 3B flying over the sand belonged to Dennis Reich's father in Michigan, and was sold in 2006. Dennis was searching for its current whereabouts in 2019, and as far as I know didn't have any luck. When sold it was in good shape, with no rust on the distinctive light blue body. It had electronic ignition and a small K&N air filter. The bell housing, trans, and t-case were painted red. The interior was coated with Herculiner bedliner. Tow hooks were mounted to the front frame horns and the stock front bumper had mounting provisions for a tow bar. Anybody seen it?

Borrego CA This Jeep in Borrego Springs, California, south of Palm Springs, is permanently poised for takeoff. It's one of a collection of large metal sculptures in a desert spot known as Galleta Meadows. The largest of the sculptures is a serpent that's 350 feet long.

Borrego CA The sculpture was new in 2010 when these photos were taken by Bob Perry for his Flickr. He comments, "Bad hair day is obvious. You can tell these guys are a little rusty! Why aren't they belted in?"

Borrego CA Twelve years later and, even in the desert, the Jeep is completely covered in rust. Some rocks have also been added, in this 2022 photo by Gary Warren for the Los Alamos Daily Post. It's not a 3B, but that's OK, it's not a real Jeep either!

More Jeeps on Pedestals

Venezuela In Latin America, as in most of the world outside North America, when somebody says "Willys" they mean "CJ-3B," and the widespread affection for the old flatfenders is shown in public monuments in a number of places. This one commemorates the arrival of the first Willys to Aricagua in Merida State, Venezuela.

Colombia Caicedonia in the Valle del Cauca in Colombia is one of the towns in the coffee area where the Yipao festival is a major event, and they have a Willys monument in the main traffic roundabout.

Costa Rica This one is a bit rougher than the one above (note the Willys stamping removed from the hood) but it's a nice attempt at creating the yipao atmosphere, at La Parrillita de Pepe, a Colombian food restaurant in Barrio San José, Costa Rica.

Thanks to Willys Pasión Costa Rica on Facebook.

Moacir's office How about a Jeep on display in your own office? Moacir Pedrosa in Brasil says, "A friend found out I had a CJ-3B and gifted me this 3D image. Now my office is more interesting!"

The 3D rendering is based on the image "Willys Jeep Mb" by Emslichter at Pixabay.

Joe McBroome Meanwhile, Joe Broome takes his CJ-3B image with him everywhere. He's actually got both the radiator guard from a 3B (bottom) and the 3A version (top.)

Sandro Langer photo Wrapping up this collection of colorful photos is a sunset in Brasil with Sandro Langer's 1958 CJ-3B in the foreground.

Thanks to Sandro and all the photographers. -- Derek Redmond

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