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Los Jeeps: Made in Spain -- history of VIASA and EBRO.

Military Jeeps in Spain -- the CJ3M was used into the 1990's.

Jeep EBRO Advertising -- 1976 CJ-3B brochure and ads.

Long-Wheelbase Jeep Avia -- late seventies "CJ-6".

Jeep Avia Bravo Brochure -- great promotional photos.

Rallying with a CJ-3B-E -- Jaime Gomis' EBRO in Valencia.

CJ3B.info Visits Spain -- Derek's 2009 travelogue.

Madrid to Normandy in a CJ-3B -- 2007 trip across France.

Lunch Date with a CJ-3B -- restaurant display in Barcelona.

The Jeeps of Camprodon -- forty flatfenders in a town of 2,500.

Camprodon: Jeep Capital of Spain -- village in the Pyrenees.

Winter in Camprodon -- a tour in Josep's Mahindra.

Jeep Cross Off-Road Racing -- action photos from the 1970's.

Jeepsters in Spain -- on the road in a "Comando".

VIASA CJ-6 in Italy -- David Zidaric's long-wheelbase hardtop.

Jeeps in the Spanish Sahara -- the Spanish Foreign Legion.

Spanish Army Diesel CJ-3B -- some surplus Jeeps escaped to England.

Bravo Restored in the UK -- it was a challenge.

VIASA Brushfire Jeep in the Alps -- modified in Italy.

Jeep Fire Engines in Spain -- VIASA 3B's and more.

J8 Mini-Pumper Conversion -- fire Jeep demonstration in Cuenca.

Elsewhere on the web, see the Club Jeep Willys Clasico de España, and a Jeep VIASA CJ3B Homepage in Italian.

See also a website with detailed information on the early Willys-Viasa MB-CJ3B, and Jaime Gomis' page in Spanish showing details of a Willys-Viasa CJ-3B.

For parts for Spanish Jeeps, see Covasu.com in Valencia, and for Perkins engine parts see Parts4Engines in the UK.

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