Little Jeeps and Big Jeeps


We usually take pictures of our Jeeps without ourselves in the driver's seat, but here are the faces you could put to some of the names on the old "jeeptoys" e-mail listserv, back around 2000.

Frank Sanborn

Frank Sanborn from Michigan brought his Mini-Tonka collection to the Spring Midwest Willys Reunion in Toledo, where we took this photo. See more details on his big and little Kaiser trucks on the Mini-Tonka Does the Full-Size-Jeep page.


Adam Sparks maintained the Early CJ-5 Page on the web, but these days he's driving this Willys Jeep pickup and a TJ (50K JPEG). Sparky apparently hopes his tough but rough truck will look like this shiny Spec Cast Pepsi delivery truck eventually.

Dave N.

Dave Nowak in Tallahassee, Florida says, "That's me in front of my TJ, with our recently acquired '96 Cherokee Country in the background. On the hood (from largest to smallest) are my Tamiya 1/10 R/C YJ, Tamiya's 1/24 YJ model, and the Matchbox Safari Jeep." Dave has a web page with more photos of the Tamiya R/C YJ.

Mike Boyink

Here's Mike Boyink and his son Harrison, with their big (Kaiser) and little (Power Wheels) CJ-5s in Michigan. The mini-Bantam trailer was custom built by Mike. More details on Mike's Jeep Pages.

Jarek Skonieczny

Jarek Skonieczny has his CJ-7 sleeping for the winter in a parking garage in Toronto, but he stopped in for a photo with a sealed ESCI 1/32-scale model of a green CJ-7 with hardtop and chrome grille, which he actually got about a year before he bought the Jeep.

Mike Albright

The late Mike Albright in Texas had a couple of Cherokees in the family fleet. He painted a Matchbox XJ red to match this one when it was new.

Mike Albright

Mike also had a bunch of green Sahara YJ's in his toy collection -- he's holding the Road Champs version in this photo.

Bob Keniston

Bob Keniston in New Mexico keeps his Jeep toys on the Jeep Wall (200K JPEG), not out in the driveway, so we had to retouch this photo to insert the 1/64 Majorette CJ-5 that matches his "JeepNCreepN".

Pete Pearson

Pete Pearson in the UK originally took a photo of himself with his YJ at home, but then decided he wanted to travel to a more appropriate setting, and sent this picture from Death Valley. Which Jeep is real and which is Road Champs?

Derek Redmond

Everybody knows that I think the Tonka flatfender (and the Matchbox flatfender) is actually based on the CJ-3B. This photo proves that at least the rear ends are pretty close.

Thanks to all the boys. More contributions are welcome; send me a photo of you with your big and little toys. By the way, the background photo is the 2001 Toy Jeep Releases poster. -- Derek Redmond

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